The day we were really bad parents

I haven’t blogged since January (!), so I thought I’d ease back in by writing a short anecdotal story that I happened to recall to my friend last night and it brought back hilarious memories. 


By the time babies reach toddler age, they have usually become attached to one or more of their soft toys, which they like more than the others. Such is the case with Jude; who has ‘Leo’. He is a rather large lion (original name, I know), who used to belong to me (I don’t remember how I happened to have him), and Jude look a liking to him about a year ago. 

Leo is quite a cumbersome toy to have as a favourite. For many months, Leo was much bigger than Jude, and even now, he is rather inconvenient to have to take when we go away and to Nanny’s etc. Luckily, at the moment Jude can cope without him, only sleeping with him and occasionally bringing him into our bed or downstairs for more cuddles in the mornings. So thankfully, we don’t have to take him out with us every time.  


Last Christmas, Steve and I were lucky enough to be allowed out for Christmas drinks with some friends while Jude stayed over at Nanny and Grampy’s house. As was expected, there was rather a lot of wine consumed and it’s safe to say, Steve and I returned home a little worse for wear, albeit in a very happy place. 

In our comedic way – following copious amounts of fried chicken – we headed upstairs to (very innocently) get ready for bed. Once upstairs, I sat myself on the bed in order to remove my socks, not noticing the large yellow lion on the bed, and plonking myself directly on top of him. Steve – noticing Leo’s obvious distress – decided that pulling him out from underneath me was the quickest and most humane option for his rescue. As he did so, a loud tearing noise could be heard, and the one leg that he was being pulled by, seemed to detach rather dramatically from the rest of his body. WHAT A DISASTER! How could we have broken our child’s favourite soft toy?! Shocked and completely devastated, I hurriedly threw Leo into the bottom of the wardrobe, hoping that putting him out of site would help to remove him from my mind, and that Jude wouldn’t notice his favourite teddy was missing. 

  The next day we were travelling to Cornwall to visit Steve’s family, where we would usually have taken Leo too. Packing up the car and distracting Jude from the fact that he was missing (didn’t take much), we got on our way – without Leo (who was still in the bottom of the wardrobe).  On our journey, we stopped at the usual service station, complete with the usual service station shops and cafes. Lo and behold, one of the usual service station shops was selling soft toys – one of which looked almost identical to Leo! Steve and I, still feeling extremely guilty for breaking Jude’s original Leo, decided that purchasing it would at least be a step towards rectifying our terrible, drunken mistake. 

Jude loved him! He, of course, had to be called ‘Leo’. And he instantly became accepted by Jude. Phew!    

A few weeks later, I managed to find some time to sit and attempt to sew the original Leo. I did a pretty good job! You can barely tell that he ever had a tear! And now Jude has 2 almost identical Leo’s that he goes to bed with every night. He won’t go with just one – he knows if one is missing and asks for him. He also brings them both for cuddles in the mornings. 


I just dread to think what will happen when we have to take them both on holiday with us in the summer…!

New Year, New Poo

Thank you

Firstly, I’d like to wish you all a Happy New Year and thank you for reading! I’ve been writing for 6 months now, at first every week and now fortnightly, but I’m consistently surprised at how people are always keen to read the next instalment. Almost every week or so someone asks if they have missed one and when the next one is coming. Unbelievable. I can’t believe that people actually want to read what I write! And believe it or not some of those people are total strangers! That’s the great thing about WordPress – my blog is published worldwide. I know I share it on Facebook, but people can read it without Facebook, they just have to go onto my WordPress page. So anyway, thank you again, and HAPPY NEW YEAR. 

Now, on to more pressing matters……..

Ooo, you’re moving too fast

 Things seem to be happening crazily quickly at the moment. A fortnight ago Jude was sitting up confidently and was able to lean forward to reach things and we had began weaning properly. Today, Jude is sitting up confidently, trying to stand at every available opportunity, pulling himself up onto things, reaching up for us with his arms in the air when he wants to be picked up, eating finger foods such as avocado and toast and LOVING them, washing it all down with water from his new ‘Anywayupcup’, and generally being leaps and bounds more grown up than he was a fortnight ago! Who would have thought that in the space of two short, extremely busy weeks, he would have changed and developed so much??

As part of these huge developments, Jude has discovered that not only does he like rolling and wriggling, but he likes climbing. He truly is a little boy! There have been 3 ‘incidents’ so far (that Steve and I have actually admitted to each other!). The first being my having to run across our lounge from the kitchen (not very far) to catch Jude who was balancing on his tummy, head lifted (thank goodness he has a strong neck!) over the edge of the couch. He had been playing with the remote, sitting propped up in the corner of the couch whilst I put the steriliser in the microwave (literally SECONDS). He had thrown the remote onto the floor and leaned over to get it… I soon learned not to leave him anywhere that he could fall/roll/crawl off. Or so I thought…

The second ‘incident’ that Steve had to deal with (which I have since also experienced) was involving the crib that Jude sleeps in. We had been sitting him up in it if we were pottering in the bedroom. That has now stopped as Steve found him pulling himself up on to the side of the crib. All very well, Except that the crib swings. And so a baby leaning on one side and pulling himself up means the crib leans to that side and baby could, just could, fall out. He didn’t. But he could have. Oops. 

Finally, and another climbing episode – Jude and I were having lunch with our friends Ceri and her little one Jack, who is a few weeks younger than Jude. Jack still uses his carry cot on the buggy at the moment and I asked if I could pop Jude in it for a second whilst I put my coat on and sorted out the changing bag to leave following our lovely lunch. No sooner had I put my coat on, but Jude was pulling himself towards the side of the carry cot and looking as if he was about to fall over the edge! I literally barged past Ceri (sorry again lovely!) and grabbed him in the nick of time! I think both Steve and I have finally learned our lesson – NO LEAVING THE BABY ON ANYTHING OTHER THAN THE FLOOR. NOT EVER. Unless it’s a baby jail (aka travel cot). We’ve actually got the travel cot in the lounge now permanently – a safe, soft ‘play pen’ so-to-speak. He can climb, roll, sit up and fall over without us having to worry at all about him damaging himself.  

Of course, with all these huge developments, it’s only to be expected that something else will slip a little…….. And that thing is Jude’s sleep. Wowee, it’s been a tough week or so! Steve and I saw the new year in, me in tears and Steve exclaiming ‘I can’t do this anymore’; both of us utterly exhausted having had zero sleep by 3am and not a lot more the previous night either! Ok, that’s not strictly true; we did have a 3 course meal, toast at midnight and have a cwtch on the couch , but as soon as we went to bed (about 12.30am), Jude woke for a feed (typical) and didn’t go back to sleep for a number of hours…… it did get better though, and I’ll explain why and how later.  

HAPPY NEW YEAR, notsohappy new poo

One word: weaning. Mummies and daddies – youknowwhatImean! As I’ve mentioned a few times already, we have been weaning properly for the last few weeks; Jude has been having breakfast and lunch, purees to begin with and finger food for ‘pudding’ or second courses sort-of-thing. He’s been brill. I’ve pretty much got over the initial worry about him choking on anything that wasn’t a purée, he’s brilliant at ‘chewing’. I managed to find some banana flavoured mushed up rice-cake-type wafers which he can feed himself with and they dissolve in his mouth, so no need to worry! Well, except that Jude likes to use his two bottom front teeth (which are now huge by the way) to tear food off in huge pieces. Luckily dissolvable food is fine! So after he had had the wafers once or twice, we tried avocado, banana and today, toast. Jude loves food! Like his parents there then! 

The trouble is, all of these new vegetables in purees and fruits in finger food have to be digested and ‘disposed of’ somehow….


Christmas constipation


 And so to our first Christmas with Jude. Most importantly, I finally finished his activity blanket and he loves it! We went to my mums for breakfast and returned to our house for presents and to prepare the house for our guests. The problem was that at this point, Jude hadn’t pooed for 2 days. Now, Jude has always been an ‘at least 3 poos a day’ baby. So no poo for 2 days was slightly worrying. And it was reflected in his mood for the day. My mum had given him a small amount of diluted orange juice from a spoon over breakfast so we were holding out hope that it would help something along, but in the meantime, although he tried to be happy he was clearly feeling a little miserable and his poor little tummy was solid. 

Christmas dinner was interesting to say the least… He was in the highchair. We had to play ‘Little Baby Bum’ videos on YouTube virtually the whole way through dinner. He was miserable.. Eventually I was able to feed him some of his purée (parsnip and apple, to try and help with the constipation). That was during the starter.. Then he watched more LBB and during the main course I fed him some wafer. He also had a little more LBB and some other toys. Wow, that was an interesting Christmas dinner! It was a lovely meal (thank you mum!) and the company was also lovely – my grandpa had joined us for the day too – but poor little Jude was just not right and it made me feel stressed. I think I was mainly concerned that other people would feel that dinner was spoiled by the baby. Now, I know that no one thought that – they love him and all enjoyed their meal – but it’s still something that was on my mind. (Note: stop being so uptight). 


note the ipad entertainment in the foreground*
Steve and I continued to do our normal bedtime routine with Jude and he went up to bed at a reasonable hour. He did however, wake up and due to the large number of people in our house, struggled to go back to sleep. We brought him downstairs to socialise with everyone. He was happy enough in his sleeping bag, but I eventually took it off as he seemed a bit hot and bothered. As I did so, my cousin spotted a long browny-orange line on the bottom part of his sleepsuit…. Poo! POO!! Yippee! All of our guests cheered too! Hilarious how people can embrace baby things even when it’s not their baby!  At last Jude seemed the most comfortable he had been all day, despite sitting in a nappy full of poo. 

On another positive note..

Steve and I have finally applied for a mortgage and been approved (yay us!), so we will soon start viewings and hopefully find our first proper family home very soon. We do however have a slight dilemma; we both spent our childhood close to countryside and within easy reach of lots of green fields; brilliant for young children as well as teenagers. We currently live in Cardiff which, although it is known as “one of Europe’s greenest cities”, according to lots of websites, too abundant to list(!)0, it’s not quite the same as living in the countryside. Like, with it on your doorstep. And as the majority of you will know, Wales has a lot of green, plush, gorgeous countryside as well as breathtaking mountains and sweeping coasts. GORGE. So, the extremely important question I have for you ladies and gentlemen (and please, give your opinions) is this: Do we buy a house in Cardiff, near our friends and family with our young baby who will be needing to be looked after soon enough when mummy goes back to work (in 5 months time, but I don’t want to think about it), or do we move to a house surrounded by green space and gorgeous countryside, brilliant for raising a young (or older) child (or children), but where we will know no one. 

So, if anyone out there has been in this situation before, we would very much appreciate any advice/opinions. 

Or we’ll have to write to Grill Graham! 


‘Tis the season

Social butterfly 

slow cooker-warmed mulled wine

With this glorious time of year come the obvious social events which, could already be some people’s worst nightmare, let alone with a little one to think about too. I have to admit, I’ve always been one to love a bit of a ‘do’, and having Jude hasn’t really changed that. It definitely helps that he is fairly good at being in social situations; he doesn’t freak out too often, but I think it also helps that we tend to try and keep his routine as much as possible. And it’s important that we can take him into a quiet room if worst comes to worst. But ultimately if he really won’t settle, we can leave! But as I said, on the whole he’s fairly good. He loves, LOVES the attention! (Some might say he’s like his mother, although, personally I can’t see it.) 

Thank you to my brother and his lovely girlfriend for our Christmassy evening last night, it was lovely! We’ve also done our NCT Christmas meet-up which was, erm, a challenge shall we say. Steve couldn’t go as he was working, and when the restaurant was booked it was requested that we have extra space for buggies. However, on the day we were told there would be no room for buggies. Uh oh. So 7 adults and 6 babies were squished around a table with 2 high chairs. We were also near lots of other tables with grown ups on. It was hot, claustrophobic and tense, to say the least. The food however, was GORGEOUS, as was the company. All in all a lovely day, but would have been perfect had we had the space requested! We were trying to be organised, shame they couldn’t help us out! 

Steve and I are hosting on Christmas Day, although not cooking, just using our larger-than-my-mums dining area to house all of us. Which should be lovely, because we still get to do some of the hosting as we have done for the last 2 years, but without the stress of cooking everything. Fab, and I can’t wait for the big day!


 Baby presents

one quarter of Jude’s handmade activity blanket

And so to the question of ‘how much should we buy our little one’ (who doesn’t know it’s Christmas and will probably find the wrapping paper more interesting than his new presents)? Well, having spoken to family and friends it’s clear that Jude will be receiving A LOT of gifts. Plus, he’s already gone through his big change and had the Jumperoo and some other new bits, so we decided on a few small things, for example a toy for the bath and an ‘Any-way-up Cup’ along with the activity blanket (still unfinished, but almost complete). Handmade gifts are always lovely aren’t they? 

Finally, we have booked Jude onto a ‘Sing and Sign’ course. It starts in January and it’s a baby signing class. Baby signing has always been something that I found a bit ridiculous. I mean, come on, he’s a baby! He will learn to express himself when he’s good and ready and it’s a stupid thing to teach him to sign. But I have to be honest, recently Jude has been choosing to express himself in a rather erm, loud way. He’s always been a crier. A loud crier. But this is beyond. To the point that I feel like if he carries on with this, when he hits 1 I’ll be afraid to leave the house for fear of him scaring the public. So, I figured if we try and equip him with a method of communicating with us before he can talk, it might help. So, Sing and Sign it is. And I’ll let you all know how it goes in the new year!


Domestic goddess


whats left of the fruits of my labour

I have now postponed legging-making until the new year. I have some orders waiting (and am still taking them), but I decided it’s family time now. Oh, and food and drink time. So I have been baking. I can’t bake anything more than basic biscuits (although I did smash a carrot cake for my birthday) but it’s the effort that counts isn’t it?! 

So above you will see mince pies (shop bought pastry and shop bought mincemeat) and some vanilla shortbread biscuits. They have gone down well so far! So leggings have been replaced with food. Always good! 


Fumbling friendships

Now on a more serious note. Having a baby changes your entire life. During my pregnancy I was what could be called ‘worried’ about changing when I had a baby. I’ve always liked a party and everyone jokes about how your life is over when you have a baby. Life is most definitely not over, but it is different. We are still the people we were before, but now we have to think of Jude when we do everything. It’s not as difficult as it may seem, it just kind of comes naturally. But it does mean that I feel extremely different to some of the good friends that I had before Jude. They are still doing their own lives and not having to think of anyone else and the bottom line is, Jude’s going to be there. When we do things, he is going to be there. Which means no getting drunk on a Saturday afternoon because you were enjoying the pub and have nothing to do later on, and no going anywhere that can’t fit a buggy or at least a rather large changing bag.

Also, conversation changes. I can imagine, for my friends who I have ‘left behind to have fun’, having a conversation with me these days is pretty boring. It probably seems like I don’t have a life. Like the only thing I can think to talk about is Jude, and that’s true. But I like it, and it is my life now. 

I guess I just feel like I’ve drifted from a lot of my good friends. This makes me really sad, but I guess it’s inevitable really. I’m sure when they have babies, we’ll reconnect properly, it’ll just be on different terms… Being on maternity leave means that there’s plenty of time to ‘catch up’ with people. So I’ll send messages and make phone calls while I’m having an evening walk, and people who are busy with work just don’t have time to reply right away, or answer for a chat. It’s just busy lives versus baby lives. I suppose it’s a time in my life that I really want to share with the people I am closest to; show off my greatest achievement so to speak, and it’s not happening that way. I like the phrase, so I’ll use it again: busy life versus baby life. 

Jude, ready, go! 

Swimming lessons are going brilliantly; Jude is totally fine with going under and having water on his face and he actually seems to enjoy it these days. ‘Jude, ready, go’ is the phrase I use before he has water on his face and I think it has helped with him learning his name! If either Steve or I call him by his name, he will immediately turn to us and more often than not we’ll be met with a grin too! It’s great. And he’s nailing sitting up! In fact, yesterday, I popped him sitting up in his crib for a few seconds, whilst in the bedroom with him, but I was tidying or something. The next thing I knew he was holding onto the side of the crib and PULLING HIMSELF UP. WHAT?!? This is happening too quickly!! He’s so strong, it’s crazy. All he wants to do is stand up and bounce, as if he’s in the Jumperoo, but being held by us. And he so chatty too these days! He seemed to go quiet for a while whilst learning to sit up, but he’s back to noisy, chatty Jude again. Crazy times… 

Merry Christmas everyone! See you in the New year! X

Ho Ho Ho!

It’s all go!


LOADS to talk about this week! We’ve been full throttle weaning which is going really well, but ill go into more detail later; Swimming lessons; Christmas shopping (joy!) and probably the biggest news, Steve’s sister got married. Please bear with me, it’s currently 2.30am and the blog is late again (don’t ask!).



Thanks to mum for chipping in, for the past 4 weeks we have been going to Waterbabies swimming classes. It’s something I’ve always wanted Jude to do; get used to water early on. And I don’t just mean the bath, I swam quite seriously as a child, training and doing some competitions and I am keen for Jude to love swimming too! So imagine my disappointment when, for the entire taster session, Jude bawled and bawled. For the whole half hour session as well as twice as hard in the changing room afterwards. Disaster. And extremely stressful. Babies crying in a small, wet, child-unfriendly changing room. Not pleasant at all. 

However, luckily over the last 4 weeks of real lessons he has become more comfortable. The first lesson we went to, I emerged onto the poolside and he spotted the water and actually, physically jumped. Jumped!! Then started trying to clamber over me. He held on extra tight. Lovely to feel wanted but awful to think I was about to force my darling into water he clearly didn’t want to get into. He started that session with a bit of a grizzle, but soon calmed down. The next week was even better. And this week he has started splashing in the bath and, yep, you guessed it! In the pool too! It finally seems as though as he is enjoying it! And he’s brill at underwater swimming too…! 



Christmas shopping

Jude and I went into town to do some Christmas shopping. At the beginning of December. In the rain. Now, anyone knows town in the entire month of December is never recommended, with or without a baby. But we smashed it! He was amazing. He slept as we arrived (first sleep of the day) and as he woke, I nipped into the John Lewis feeding/changing area to give him a spot of munch, then changed him and we were back on our way! Then home before the next feed. Brilliant baby, shopping not so fruitful. 

So, feeling confident Steve and I popped in again a few days later. Same circumstances, slightly less rain. But this time, there were 2 adults to 1 baby. Should be easy! We visited a few shops before deciding Jude would probably need a feed and nipping into M&S café. Jude had a feed (although not very long as he fell asleep), the grown ups had a toasted sandwich and got on our way wedding outfit shopping (wait for it!). No more than 10 minutes later, I emerged from the M&S changing room clutching a gorgeous lacey bodysuit for underneath my wedding outfit, only to be greeted by a screaming baby. I knew I should have fed him for longer. Steve kindly volunteered to purchase the gorgeous lacey bodysuit whilst I popped back to the café to feed again. 

On entering the café, I realised there was very little room, and especially none in any discreet spots. So I meandered over to the only table I could see, which happened to be in the large, glass, echoey atrium area at the front of the café, overlooking the main high street. In front of me was an older looking gentleman, waiting for (I assumed) his wife. Behind me was a lady my age with a little boy a little older than Jude. I parked the buggy, sat down, and attempted to ‘prepare’ for feeding, whilst juggling a squawking baby and trying not to flash Bob in the corner. Jude was so wound up that he wouldn’t latch, screaming louder and louder and causing a huge kerfuffle. I could feel eyes looking right at me (and my boob). I was getting hotter and hotter and more and more flustered and Jude was getting louder and louder. The lovely lady behind me offered some kind words of support, but it made no difference. This was a disaster.

 Eventually, after what seemed like about a month, Steve turned up with my gorgeous lacey bodysuit. Thank you! He held Jude whilst I stood up to get the changing bag for a nappy change. If it’s not food it must be his nappy. I stood up and was met by a sea of eyes. Angry eyes. Eyes whose quiet little M&S lunch had been disturbed. Uh oh.

 I quickly grabbed Jude and legged it to the comfort of the babychange. Except there was a queue. And Jude was still crying. Wow, could this get any worse?! My bobbing whilst waiting had calmed him down and eventually the lady and her little boy came out of the changing room and we entered. No sooner had I put him down, the screaming started again. And I could hear another mummy outside waiting to come in! I took a peek at the nappy before going through the trouble of removing it and it was completely clean. No need to change. So I quickly packed up and we made our way back to the table. But this time Jude was calm. Simply the change of atmosphere had helped. Babies are so weird. He fed, finished and sat up making gorgeous faces and grins at the lady behind us and anyone else who looked in his direction. Unbelievable. It had been the worst crying -in-public session we had ever had. Not helped by the location of a huge, echoey glass box. (Note: never sit there with Jude again). As we left the café, Jude grinned at everyone we passed and we even managed a comment of ‘he’s gorgeous’ from two ladies who had previously been looking horrified at his behaviour. Haha! Talk about dramatic!! I was exhausted! And luckily the car park was about to run out so we had to leave pretty sharpish. Definitely not as successful as the last trip, that’s for sure! 


Wonderful wedding


As I mentioned, the main event this last week has been Steve’s sister Shelly’s wedding. CONGRATULATIONS to Shelly and Adam, it was a brilliant, beautiful day and night. The last big event in Steve’s  family (discounting Jude’s birth) was his other sister’s wedding, when I was 35 weeks pregnant and huge. So the biggest part of this wedding for me, was getting my outfit right. A winter wedding outfit that would make me feel good, look good post partum and allow me to breastfeed (until the evening anyway, when Jude would be having expressed milk). So it would need to be a skirt and top. (Nursing dresses are gross and not worth the money when you can make your own!). 

So this is what I came up with:


Tutu skirt (wintery wonderfulness, Carrie Bradshaw style), a gorgeous lacey bodysuit and a crop top for ease of feeding. Greyish hold ups and to top it all off, stunning silver stilettos (the highest shoes I’ve worn in a good 3-4 years!). I was very proud of this outfit. I just wish I was a teeny bit slimmer. I should probably have gone for a run or two in the weeks leading up to the wedding, but you can’t win ’em all. 

Now, I don’t know if other people get this, and I know that everyone thinks their baby is the most gorge, but something happened whilst we were away that I had to write down for the blog. We arrived at the beautiful hotel in Cornwall fairly late and decided only to take in the things we immediately needed. The rest could be picked up from the car later on. So we carried our vitals down from the car park and I had Jude facing outwards in the Baby Bjiorn. (Looking cuuute in his bobble hat, if I do say so myself). We wandered into the reception and checked in. The girl on the desk didn’t even look at Jude. How is that possible?!? He was looking so cute in his bobble hat and looking directly at her! She just completely ignored him! WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER?! I decided to write about this as I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets this from time to time? Please let me know that I’m not just a Jude obsessed mother whose baby isn’t actually that gorgeous..? Now I know babies aren’t for everyone, but isn’t it impossible to ignore a smiley baby when they’re in your eyeline? Maybe she was just having a bad day….. But then surely he would have cheered her up? As you can probably tell, the receptionists failure to smile at my baby and to reinforce how gorgeous I think he is, has really bothered me. 


‘ Christmaaaas, Christmasssss’

I took Up Children’s Clothing to a Christmas fair this week. It was not very successful (wrong crowd), and the lead up to the big day was extremely stressful as I wanted to take enough of a selection to sell some, as well as samples of everything so I could take orders. This meant that I stayed up until almost 2am the night before preparing and finishing off bits and bobs. For nothing. Well, I sold 4 bibs. Covered my costs but didn’t make any actual money. Nevermind! It’s all fun, and on the plus side, I have had a lot of online orders, so much so that I’ve actually felt stressed. And I don’t want to feel stressed, not when I’m on maternity leave and want to spend as much time as possible with my active, interested-in-everything little boy. So the final orders of 2015 are completed and it’s time to have a break (and finish off Jude’s activity mat in time for Christmas!). Any orders placed now will not be sent until January. But go and check out the Facebook page! Oh yes, another thing I’m trying to do is finish off the website… Told you it was all go! 

Weaning update


We started weaning Jude on purees about a fortnight ago. We started with carrot (he hated it), and moved onto apple, banana and sweet potato as well as mixing these together. He has also recently tried baby porridge, which he loves. Everyone talks about ‘baby led weaning’ (BLW), and I was interested to know why it’s considered to be so good. Having done a bit of reading, and spoken to people about BLW, we have decided to stick with a bit of both. Giving your baby purees and seeing the faces they pull, along with the mess they make is a brilliant part of weaning in my opinion and I really wanted to be able to do this. Plus, feeding with a spoon means you know that your baby is actually getting the food in front of them and it doesn’t all just end up on the floor, or in their hair (although a lot of it does!).  BLW means that baby is given finger foods from 6 months; they feed themselves from the beginning, eating what we eat. And while I think allowing baby to feed themselves is great, Jude has been interested in food since 4.5 months; too young to be given finger foods. He will, however feed himself with purée on the spoon, so when he’s 6 months we’ll definitely start with finger foods. Just in time for Christmas! Yippee! 

We had our first scarily poorly baby a few nights ago. Jude had had such red cheeks he looked like a garden gnome in the daytime, which seemed like teething, but that night he slept for a total of about 2.5 hours. He was burning up; his skin was so hot I didn’t know what to do, yet he had goosebumps on his little legs. And the tears…. Oh the tears! He was so sad. We gave him Calpol as frequently as we could, but it didn’t really help with sleep. Eventually I managed to nap with him on the couch downstairs as Steve was in work early the next day. It was an awful awful night. But babies are seemingly much more resilient than you’d imagine and 2 days later he was right as rain again! We got through it and I’m sure there will be other nights like it. One thing that has happened is that he seems to have gone off solid food. I have wasted a lot of purée and porridge over the last 2-3 days. So we’re going to now give him a break until he shows an interest again. No point in forcing it upon him, as I found out it just results in sick and tears. Oh, the joys! 

Breastfeeding update

Why do people stop breastfeeding…..? Could it be because their babies start to weigh so much it actually hurts your arms?!? Haha! Jude’s head is so heavy now, I often find my arm aching. I am still going though, and he’s still loving it. I feel proud that we’ve reached 5.5 months and haven’t introduced any formula at all, just stuck to breast. I have considered giving Jude formula in the evenings in an attempt to get him to sleep for longer as he’s still waking up frequently. But I’ve recently read some research that suggests that it makes no difference whether it’s formula or breast milk, baby will wake at certain stages in their development  anyway. So we’re going to stick it out, and introduce solids little by little, until we will breastfeed less and less. We make a good feeding team actually!


Such quick changes


Jude can now sit up, he also spends a lot of time trying to put his feet in his mouth (or anything else for that matter), Although he hasn’t quite managed to do it yet! He sits up in the bath, he’s loving his Jumperoo (or the circle of neglect, as its affectionately known. A friend gave us that name!). So, onwards and upwards. Can’t wait for Christmas! We’re putting the decorations up this week, I can’t wait to see his reaction! He’s almost half a year old would you believe…?!