“Hi Ho, Hi Ho…”

Today was my first full day in my first full week (minus a Thursday) back in work. Today went well (for me at least – Steve’s day with Jude wasn’t so good!), it’s tomorrow I’m concerned about. Tomorrow will be my second full day, of my first full week (minus a Thursday) back in work. Tomorrow will be tough. Tomorrow will be the first time I’ve been away from Jude for 2 full days in a row.  And the next day will be even worse. Luckily, the day after that I’m off, so get to spend the whole day with Jude, then it’s Friday which is a full day in work again followed by the weekend. Phew! So I guess Wednesday will truly be Humpday as it will only get better from then on. And then back to the beginning again on Monday. 

I’ve only spent 4 hours with Jude today. 1 this morning and 3 before he went to bed tonight. Very strange, although I’m hoping it will eventually feel quite liberating to be working again. I mean, up until about 2pm I had enjoyed myself a lot today. But then I could see the home straight, plus I knew that Steve hadn’t had the best day; Jude was extremely grouchy and refusing to sleep. The toughest kind of grouchy. Jude also went without milk all day, which he has done lots of times before, but today it seemed to be all he wanted. Safe to say that it was certainly what he wanted almost immediately when I got in!. As we’re nearing Jude’s first birthday we’ve decided that we will try him with full fat milk from a bottle over the coming weeks. So tomorrow Steve will at least have that to fall back on if necessary. 

Wow. It feels so strange that I went into work today and I have to go in tomorrow too. And it feels even more strange that this is it now for ages. If I wasn’t a teacher – if I was in an office job or any other job that doesn’t work in ‘term times’ for that matter, that would be it until we either booked a holiday (a week off work), or we decided to have another baby (a bit longer off work). I however, am very lucky. I am a teacher. It is the Summer term and in 5 weeks time I will be able to take 8 weeks off work. That’s 8 weeks to spend with my boy again, to get back to our lazy days and cuddly nights. One day down, only nineteen to go! 


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