The curse of the social butterfly

I’ve always heard parents complaining about their children being ill and talking about how they must have picked it up at nursery. We have found out the hard way that although socialising your baby is important; babies need to mix with other babies and pick up germs to build their immune system, when they do get ill, it sucks. In fact, it can be scary… Last weekend, Steve, Jude and I went to visit Steve’s family in Cornwall. This time it was extra special as he was old enough to interact with his cousins and get to know his Aunties better. We had been to all of his classes the week before despite Steve and I being super ill, and we had a lovely family time in Cornwall with long dog walks on the beach, cosy pubs and family meals. Plus Jude went to a soft play properly for the first time for his big cousin Chloe’s birthday!   



A humungous THANK YOU to Steve’s mum Bernie and her partner Trevor for giving up their room for us again so that we could all be in together. Unfortunately, Jude didn’t sleep very well while we were there and we were soon to find out why… Our time to go home again soon rolled around and Jude had been grizzly and needy for most of the weekend. By the Monday (our going home day), he was flushed, snotty and miserable. I decided that it would be best to try and get a doctors appointment for when we got home, as he seemed really wheezy – but mainly he was inconsolable, which was the worrying part – so I managed to get a late one. After the last 2 appointments I had been reluctant to ‘waste’ another appointment (the last 2 resulted in the doctor telling me both times that there was nothing wrong with him), but this time he was definitely not himself.

After we arrived home, we went along to our appointment and then the scary part happened. The doctor gave us the choice: take him to hospital or go home and see how he goes.

TAKE HIM TO HOSPITAL?!?! WHAT? That escalated quickly!

I told the doctor (as an afterthought) that he had seemed to find it difficult to breathe in the morning when I had brought him into bed with us and she immediately told us to take him to the paediatric unit to have him checked. Anyway, although we were pretty worried by now, he seemed to cheer up (thanks to Calpol) so we felt a bit better.



After 5 hours of waiting in hospital, our boy was asleep in my arms and I asked a nurse how long we were likely to be. By this point Jude seemed to have improved somewhat and I couldn’t help but think it would be best for Jude if he was at home, asleep in his own bed and recuperating. A doctor soon came to check him over and we were thankfully sent home. A scary few hours to say the least! A virus on his lungs had caused Jude to find breathing really difficult. Unfortunately as it was a virus, there was no medication for him and he was contagious. He must have caught it from someone at one of our classes. The incubation period (according to the Internet) is 7-14 days, so he could have picked it up anywhere!

I suppose in the long run, it’s a good thing that he has had this as his immune system has been given a run for its money, but it’s an awful thing to be told to take your baby to hospital. Thanks goodness it’s over now and he’s well and truly on the mend!

Hopefully our next visit to Cornwall will be just as lovely AND we’ll have a healthy baby to boot!





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