Rave time


I simply have to write about this wonderful piece of equipment. 

What an absolutely brilliant invention. Now I know they are used daily by adults on building sites and in other noisy situations like drilling concrete etc, but what if you wanted to take a baby somewhere noisy and you were afraid (or you knew) that they would freak out with the loud noise? Like, for example, a rugby match in a pub in the rugby capital of the world (Wales) on the last day of the six nations…? 

I had seen these fabulous Ear Defenders for babies before – in fact, another mummy friend Ceri posted a photo on social media the other day of her little one at a music festival. A MUSIC FESTIVAL I hear you say?? Well, yes! Because they are absolutely brilliant! 

Living in Wales basically means that once a year, I enthusiastically watch Wales play rugby in the Six Nations tournament over the course of about 7-8 weeks. This year however was a double whammy because over the summer, it was the Rugby World Cup too. I watched all of the rugby World Cup games from the comfort of a house, as Jude was so little. The last few weeks however has been the Six Nations and I have watched the majority of those games at home too. We managed one in a quiet pub in Cornwall, where Jude wouldn’t be scared by the shouting as there was hardly anyone there! But the last game I was hoping to watch in a social situation. The problem was that it was likely to be noisy. Extremely noisy. It wasn’t going to be at the stadium (although, now I know the ear defenders work, We’ll definitely be taking him in the future!), but it was going to be in a local members club/pub type thing. 

At the last minute I managed to find a shop that sold them in store and whizzed in to town yesterday morning to pick up a pair before the game. I was sceptical as to how well they would work and if Jude would even keep them on! But he did! And they were wonderful – we managed to watch the whole game, which involved a lot of shouting as we scored 9 tries (Go Wales), and Jude didn’t even flinch! He happily waved at the whooping, cheering room and watched the rugby on the big screen and enjoyed every minute. Until that is, he fell asleep! In the middle of a room full of shouty rugby fans! If that’s not proof that they work then I don’t know now what is – he was happy and comfortable enough to sleep – awesome.

So, if there’s anyone out there who is wondering whether these wonderful things are worth purchasing, I would tell you YES! There was a choice of 2 different brands in the shop I bought ours from, and I did go for the pricier pair – they cost about £14, whereas the others were about £7. I guess I thought it was worth spending the money for something that could be more effective. They are PELTOR ‘kid’ Ear Defenders and did I mention they were fab?


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