“You can run with us, we’ve got everything you neeeeed”


I put on 4 stone when I was pregnant. That’s 25.5kg if you’re in the Eurozone and 56 pounds if you’re in The States. And yes, I know that’s A LOT of weight. All of the books etc tell you that the average weight gain during pregnancy (for a woman of ‘average’ pre-pregnancy size), is 1 stone 9 lbs or 11.3kg or 25 pounds. So I basically gained double the ‘average’. (I’m very aware that these days, the word average doesn’t mean an awful lot in the grand scheme of things, but for me, 4 stone was 40% of my starting weight!) I’ve had knee trouble since having Jude and I’m convinced that it’s because I put on so much weight and my poor knees can’t take it. Anyway – you get the picture.

I also developed a terribly sweet tooth whilst pregnant. Now this most definitely could have been an excuse – maybe I just used my pregnancy as an excuse to eat dessert; whilst in the pub everyone would be having pints and I’d have an ice cream sundae! What?? It would make me feel better about not being able to drink alcohol……  The pre-pregnancy Me would have always chosen the savoury option (olives, cheese etc), whereas during pregnancy (and now post pregnancy), I choose the sweet and sugary every time, so my weight is still considerably higher than where I am happy. And the point is, I’m not fat fat, but I’m not happy with my weight. I had hoped that my sweet tooth would subside after Jude arrived, but 8 months later and it’s still there as strong as ever! Since Jude’s arrival, I have lost just over 3 stone (19kg/42 pounds), but there’s still a way to go and now we’ve booked a holiday abroad that will require bikini wearing and will include an extreeeemely slim ‘sister-in-law’. 

It’s time to get motivated.

I am aware that if I just stopped drinking booze and eating dessert, the rest of the weight would probably fall off. But where’s the fun in that?? I need dessert and alcohol to help me through the day and in particular to help me through teething. So I’ve decided to exercise…… 

I decided that I would simply have to buy myself some new PE kit if I was going to do something productive and actually exercise in order to make a difference to my body and fitness. So I purchased some rather attractive running leggings (complete with funky, gold-coloured, metallic dotty pattern) and a highly technologically advanced anti-sweat, breathable running top and sports bra (for my massive, breastfeeding boobies). 2 months ago, I also invested in a rather sexy pair of running shoes (in the January sales) and wore them out and about with Jude, just casually looking sporty and trendy (!!) for approximately erm.. 2 months before finally putting them to their proper use last week. 

 I have been for 3 runs now in about a week and a half. When I say runs, I mean that I leave the house and ‘run’ around the block for what I have now discovered using an online website-mappy-thingy, is approximately a mile (or 1.6km) before returning home again. I run non stop. I don’t walk AT ALL. But yes, it’s only a mile. And when I reach the end, I feel like I’m about to die. You know how people say running is ‘so good for your mind’ – it ‘gives me head space and time to think’?? Well, that definitely doesn’t happen for me. All I think about is how dreadful I look, lolloping along the road. My head is simply full of how red my face must look and how it’s a good job I’ve got headphones in so I can’t hear my tight, raspy, shallow breathing. I’m definitely not a natural runner. I can almost feel the weight thumping down on the road and being wrenched back up again as I lift my foot again for the next painful step. Sound dramatic? Well, let me assure you – it is! And despite purchasing – and I quote – ‘Running Shoes’, I can’t run on the pavements around my where I live, as I slip over! So I have to run on the roads, which is even more attention-drawing and embarrassing. 

Anyway, as much as I know I look awful, and I can only manage a mile (at the moment) I’m still going to go at least twice a week, and fingers crossed the rest of this weight will come off…

And I can still keep eating desserts. 



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  1. swimridemum says:

    LOVE! congratulations on 1 your running and 2 making me giggle – NOT at you, but WITH you. If you want any tips re training for mums check out my new blog. I will certainly follow your progress. Good luck!


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