New Year, New Poo


Thank you

Firstly, I’d like to wish you all a Happy New Year and thank you for reading! I’ve been writing for 6 months now, at first every week and now fortnightly, but I’m consistently surprised at how people are always keen to read the next instalment. Almost every week or so someone asks if they have missed one and when the next one is coming. Unbelievable. I can’t believe that people actually want to read what I write! And believe it or not some of those people are total strangers! That’s the great thing about WordPress – my blog is published worldwide. I know I share it on Facebook, but people can read it without Facebook, they just have to go onto my WordPress page. So anyway, thank you again, and HAPPY NEW YEAR. 

Now, on to more pressing matters……..

Ooo, you’re moving too fast

 Things seem to be happening crazily quickly at the moment. A fortnight ago Jude was sitting up confidently and was able to lean forward to reach things and we had began weaning properly. Today, Jude is sitting up confidently, trying to stand at every available opportunity, pulling himself up onto things, reaching up for us with his arms in the air when he wants to be picked up, eating finger foods such as avocado and toast and LOVING them, washing it all down with water from his new ‘Anywayupcup’, and generally being leaps and bounds more grown up than he was a fortnight ago! Who would have thought that in the space of two short, extremely busy weeks, he would have changed and developed so much??

As part of these huge developments, Jude has discovered that not only does he like rolling and wriggling, but he likes climbing. He truly is a little boy! There have been 3 ‘incidents’ so far (that Steve and I have actually admitted to each other!). The first being my having to run across our lounge from the kitchen (not very far) to catch Jude who was balancing on his tummy, head lifted (thank goodness he has a strong neck!) over the edge of the couch. He had been playing with the remote, sitting propped up in the corner of the couch whilst I put the steriliser in the microwave (literally SECONDS). He had thrown the remote onto the floor and leaned over to get it… I soon learned not to leave him anywhere that he could fall/roll/crawl off. Or so I thought…

The second ‘incident’ that Steve had to deal with (which I have since also experienced) was involving the crib that Jude sleeps in. We had been sitting him up in it if we were pottering in the bedroom. That has now stopped as Steve found him pulling himself up on to the side of the crib. All very well, Except that the crib swings. And so a baby leaning on one side and pulling himself up means the crib leans to that side and baby could, just could, fall out. He didn’t. But he could have. Oops. 

Finally, and another climbing episode – Jude and I were having lunch with our friends Ceri and her little one Jack, who is a few weeks younger than Jude. Jack still uses his carry cot on the buggy at the moment and I asked if I could pop Jude in it for a second whilst I put my coat on and sorted out the changing bag to leave following our lovely lunch. No sooner had I put my coat on, but Jude was pulling himself towards the side of the carry cot and looking as if he was about to fall over the edge! I literally barged past Ceri (sorry again lovely!) and grabbed him in the nick of time! I think both Steve and I have finally learned our lesson – NO LEAVING THE BABY ON ANYTHING OTHER THAN THE FLOOR. NOT EVER. Unless it’s a baby jail (aka travel cot). We’ve actually got the travel cot in the lounge now permanently – a safe, soft ‘play pen’ so-to-speak. He can climb, roll, sit up and fall over without us having to worry at all about him damaging himself.  

Of course, with all these huge developments, it’s only to be expected that something else will slip a little…….. And that thing is Jude’s sleep. Wowee, it’s been a tough week or so! Steve and I saw the new year in, me in tears and Steve exclaiming ‘I can’t do this anymore’; both of us utterly exhausted having had zero sleep by 3am and not a lot more the previous night either! Ok, that’s not strictly true; we did have a 3 course meal, toast at midnight and have a cwtch on the couch , but as soon as we went to bed (about 12.30am), Jude woke for a feed (typical) and didn’t go back to sleep for a number of hours…… it did get better though, and I’ll explain why and how later.  

HAPPY NEW YEAR, notsohappy new poo

One word: weaning. Mummies and daddies – youknowwhatImean! As I’ve mentioned a few times already, we have been weaning properly for the last few weeks; Jude has been having breakfast and lunch, purees to begin with and finger food for ‘pudding’ or second courses sort-of-thing. He’s been brill. I’ve pretty much got over the initial worry about him choking on anything that wasn’t a purée, he’s brilliant at ‘chewing’. I managed to find some banana flavoured mushed up rice-cake-type wafers which he can feed himself with and they dissolve in his mouth, so no need to worry! Well, except that Jude likes to use his two bottom front teeth (which are now huge by the way) to tear food off in huge pieces. Luckily dissolvable food is fine! So after he had had the wafers once or twice, we tried avocado, banana and today, toast. Jude loves food! Like his parents there then! 

The trouble is, all of these new vegetables in purees and fruits in finger food have to be digested and ‘disposed of’ somehow….


Christmas constipation


 And so to our first Christmas with Jude. Most importantly, I finally finished his activity blanket and he loves it! We went to my mums for breakfast and returned to our house for presents and to prepare the house for our guests. The problem was that at this point, Jude hadn’t pooed for 2 days. Now, Jude has always been an ‘at least 3 poos a day’ baby. So no poo for 2 days was slightly worrying. And it was reflected in his mood for the day. My mum had given him a small amount of diluted orange juice from a spoon over breakfast so we were holding out hope that it would help something along, but in the meantime, although he tried to be happy he was clearly feeling a little miserable and his poor little tummy was solid. 

Christmas dinner was interesting to say the least… He was in the highchair. We had to play ‘Little Baby Bum’ videos on YouTube virtually the whole way through dinner. He was miserable.. Eventually I was able to feed him some of his purée (parsnip and apple, to try and help with the constipation). That was during the starter.. Then he watched more LBB and during the main course I fed him some wafer. He also had a little more LBB and some other toys. Wow, that was an interesting Christmas dinner! It was a lovely meal (thank you mum!) and the company was also lovely – my grandpa had joined us for the day too – but poor little Jude was just not right and it made me feel stressed. I think I was mainly concerned that other people would feel that dinner was spoiled by the baby. Now, I know that no one thought that – they love him and all enjoyed their meal – but it’s still something that was on my mind. (Note: stop being so uptight). 


note the ipad entertainment in the foreground*
Steve and I continued to do our normal bedtime routine with Jude and he went up to bed at a reasonable hour. He did however, wake up and due to the large number of people in our house, struggled to go back to sleep. We brought him downstairs to socialise with everyone. He was happy enough in his sleeping bag, but I eventually took it off as he seemed a bit hot and bothered. As I did so, my cousin spotted a long browny-orange line on the bottom part of his sleepsuit…. Poo! POO!! Yippee! All of our guests cheered too! Hilarious how people can embrace baby things even when it’s not their baby!  At last Jude seemed the most comfortable he had been all day, despite sitting in a nappy full of poo. 

On another positive note..

Steve and I have finally applied for a mortgage and been approved (yay us!), so we will soon start viewings and hopefully find our first proper family home very soon. We do however have a slight dilemma; we both spent our childhood close to countryside and within easy reach of lots of green fields; brilliant for young children as well as teenagers. We currently live in Cardiff which, although it is known as “one of Europe’s greenest cities”, according to lots of websites, too abundant to list(!)0, it’s not quite the same as living in the countryside. Like, with it on your doorstep. And as the majority of you will know, Wales has a lot of green, plush, gorgeous countryside as well as breathtaking mountains and sweeping coasts. GORGE. So, the extremely important question I have for you ladies and gentlemen (and please, give your opinions) is this: Do we buy a house in Cardiff, near our friends and family with our young baby who will be needing to be looked after soon enough when mummy goes back to work (in 5 months time, but I don’t want to think about it), or do we move to a house surrounded by green space and gorgeous countryside, brilliant for raising a young (or older) child (or children), but where we will know no one. 

So, if anyone out there has been in this situation before, we would very much appreciate any advice/opinions. 

Or we’ll have to write to Grill Graham! 



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