‘Tis the season


Social butterfly 

slow cooker-warmed mulled wine

With this glorious time of year come the obvious social events which, could already be some people’s worst nightmare, let alone with a little one to think about too. I have to admit, I’ve always been one to love a bit of a ‘do’, and having Jude hasn’t really changed that. It definitely helps that he is fairly good at being in social situations; he doesn’t freak out too often, but I think it also helps that we tend to try and keep his routine as much as possible. And it’s important that we can take him into a quiet room if worst comes to worst. But ultimately if he really won’t settle, we can leave! But as I said, on the whole he’s fairly good. He loves, LOVES the attention! (Some might say he’s like his mother, although, personally I can’t see it.) 

Thank you to my brother and his lovely girlfriend for our Christmassy evening last night, it was lovely! We’ve also done our NCT Christmas meet-up which was, erm, a challenge shall we say. Steve couldn’t go as he was working, and when the restaurant was booked it was requested that we have extra space for buggies. However, on the day we were told there would be no room for buggies. Uh oh. So 7 adults and 6 babies were squished around a table with 2 high chairs. We were also near lots of other tables with grown ups on. It was hot, claustrophobic and tense, to say the least. The food however, was GORGEOUS, as was the company. All in all a lovely day, but would have been perfect had we had the space requested! We were trying to be organised, shame they couldn’t help us out! 

Steve and I are hosting on Christmas Day, although not cooking, just using our larger-than-my-mums dining area to house all of us. Which should be lovely, because we still get to do some of the hosting as we have done for the last 2 years, but without the stress of cooking everything. Fab, and I can’t wait for the big day!


 Baby presents

one quarter of Jude’s handmade activity blanket

And so to the question of ‘how much should we buy our little one’ (who doesn’t know it’s Christmas and will probably find the wrapping paper more interesting than his new presents)? Well, having spoken to family and friends it’s clear that Jude will be receiving A LOT of gifts. Plus, he’s already gone through his big change and had the Jumperoo and some other new bits, so we decided on a few small things, for example a toy for the bath and an ‘Any-way-up Cup’ along with the activity blanket (still unfinished, but almost complete). Handmade gifts are always lovely aren’t they? 

Finally, we have booked Jude onto a ‘Sing and Sign’ course. It starts in January and it’s a baby signing class. Baby signing has always been something that I found a bit ridiculous. I mean, come on, he’s a baby! He will learn to express himself when he’s good and ready and it’s a stupid thing to teach him to sign. But I have to be honest, recently Jude has been choosing to express himself in a rather erm, loud way. He’s always been a crier. A loud crier. But this is beyond. To the point that I feel like if he carries on with this, when he hits 1 I’ll be afraid to leave the house for fear of him scaring the public. So, I figured if we try and equip him with a method of communicating with us before he can talk, it might help. So, Sing and Sign it is. And I’ll let you all know how it goes in the new year!


Domestic goddess


whats left of the fruits of my labour

I have now postponed legging-making until the new year. I have some orders waiting (and am still taking them), but I decided it’s family time now. Oh, and food and drink time. So I have been baking. I can’t bake anything more than basic biscuits (although I did smash a carrot cake for my birthday) but it’s the effort that counts isn’t it?! 

So above you will see mince pies (shop bought pastry and shop bought mincemeat) and some vanilla shortbread biscuits. They have gone down well so far! So leggings have been replaced with food. Always good! 


Fumbling friendships

Now on a more serious note. Having a baby changes your entire life. During my pregnancy I was what could be called ‘worried’ about changing when I had a baby. I’ve always liked a party and everyone jokes about how your life is over when you have a baby. Life is most definitely not over, but it is different. We are still the people we were before, but now we have to think of Jude when we do everything. It’s not as difficult as it may seem, it just kind of comes naturally. But it does mean that I feel extremely different to some of the good friends that I had before Jude. They are still doing their own lives and not having to think of anyone else and the bottom line is, Jude’s going to be there. When we do things, he is going to be there. Which means no getting drunk on a Saturday afternoon because you were enjoying the pub and have nothing to do later on, and no going anywhere that can’t fit a buggy or at least a rather large changing bag.

Also, conversation changes. I can imagine, for my friends who I have ‘left behind to have fun’, having a conversation with me these days is pretty boring. It probably seems like I don’t have a life. Like the only thing I can think to talk about is Jude, and that’s true. But I like it, and it is my life now. 

I guess I just feel like I’ve drifted from a lot of my good friends. This makes me really sad, but I guess it’s inevitable really. I’m sure when they have babies, we’ll reconnect properly, it’ll just be on different terms… Being on maternity leave means that there’s plenty of time to ‘catch up’ with people. So I’ll send messages and make phone calls while I’m having an evening walk, and people who are busy with work just don’t have time to reply right away, or answer for a chat. It’s just busy lives versus baby lives. I suppose it’s a time in my life that I really want to share with the people I am closest to; show off my greatest achievement so to speak, and it’s not happening that way. I like the phrase, so I’ll use it again: busy life versus baby life. 

Jude, ready, go! 

Swimming lessons are going brilliantly; Jude is totally fine with going under and having water on his face and he actually seems to enjoy it these days. ‘Jude, ready, go’ is the phrase I use before he has water on his face and I think it has helped with him learning his name! If either Steve or I call him by his name, he will immediately turn to us and more often than not we’ll be met with a grin too! It’s great. And he’s nailing sitting up! In fact, yesterday, I popped him sitting up in his crib for a few seconds, whilst in the bedroom with him, but I was tidying or something. The next thing I knew he was holding onto the side of the crib and PULLING HIMSELF UP. WHAT?!? This is happening too quickly!! He’s so strong, it’s crazy. All he wants to do is stand up and bounce, as if he’s in the Jumperoo, but being held by us. And he so chatty too these days! He seemed to go quiet for a while whilst learning to sit up, but he’s back to noisy, chatty Jude again. Crazy times… 

Merry Christmas everyone! See you in the New year! X


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