Let them eat cake

Getting older…

This applies to all of us! The overarching theme of the last fortnight has been me turning thirty. Yep, the big 3-0. So not only is Jude growing up and getting older quicker than ever now, I’m also officially no longer a twenty-something. Considering I cried all day on my 20th as I was ‘never going to be a teenager again’, I felt and still feel remarkably ok and accepting of being thirty. It probably helps that I will always be 7 years younger than Steve, so I’m still the young one. But also, I have recently achieved the biggest and best thing I can possibly do in my life. We had Jude. 

So yes, I can be nostalgic and reminisce about the great parties we used to have, the loud (cool-as-you-like) music, the amount we used to drink and the way we’d stay up until the wee small hours, but really, a gathering of friends having a sensible drink, sparklers in the garden and bed by 2am (!) was definitely as satisfying and fun as our ‘young, free and childless’ parties we used to throw. 

Jude was brilliant, he was slightly grizzly when people first arrived, but soon got used to it and was handed around the room and played with by lots of people. He eventually went up to bed  with the baby monitor on and didn’t wake until midnight (which is usual these days), when there were only a hardcore few left. He had 2, (2!) bottles of expressed milk that I had been building up for months, and went back to bed brilliantly. So all in all, a successful and worryingly grown up birthday party. And the next one will be Jude’s 1st birthday! Yikes! 


Tooth. I mean, TEETH!


10 days growth……

We have 2! Already! And I didn’t even notice them… Oops! Explanation: Jude and I went to a swimming taster session (which he happened to cry through from start to finish, but that’s a different story) and before the class the swimming teacher came over to say hello and instantly noticed his tooth! It was as big as in the first picture above then and there was only 1, but I still hadn’t noticed! Felt like a terrible mother…. To be fair, I had kind of thought he’d have been more miserable when teething but whilst we had had some misery and one night where it was necessary to administer Calpol, all in all it was ok (touch wood!). So that’s 2 down…………. I think he may have had a boost of calcium or something as I cut his nails for the first time since he was born this week too. He really hadn’t needed to have them cut before this week. Strange. 

On that note, (and I know I keep going on about it) but he’s growing up SO quickly now! We put a HUGE bag of clothes in the loft that he has grown out of and got out the next lot from under the cot. Soon we’ll have to start buying him clothes again!! We have also swapped the newborn carrycot attachment on his buggy for the grown-up-upright-proper-buggy-type-thing. It says start at 6 months but he’s definitely ready for it. I found that I was taking him out in the carry cot and as people peered over the cot excitedly looking for a teeny tiny newborn, they were beginning to look disappointed when met with a larger, 4 month old! Jude seems to love it and is definitely not too small for it. Growing, growing, growing!

Little person, BIG personality


As Jude gets older, he is developing more and more of a personality. We can even giggle together sometimes. He can do something funny and I’ll laugh, then he’ll laugh too! Like he knows what he did was funny. We went to visit my grandpa and Jude’s great grandpa in the Midlands, where I grew up. We had to go without Steve as he couldn’t get the time off work, but it was only overnight and I felt like it would be fine to do. We stayed at my grandpa’s and arranged to see a few other people while we were there too. It was great! My 93 year old Grandpa loved having Jude there and volunteered to entertain him  when we pushed it and decided to have dessert! (We had been kindly left to enjoy a whole main course while Jude napped!) Sometimes I feel like Jude and I are friends having a laugh together! We spend so much time together it feels like we make a great team and the majority of the time, the time we spend together is enjoyable and fun. I can tell that Steve is finding the same too. I often hear him talking with Jude and he ends up laughing because Jude has done something unexpected, new, clever, or all three!  


Leggings, leggings and more leggings! 

I have finally got myself organised with completing orders of leggings that I am making for little ones. I am booked in to have a stall at my school Christmas fair so have had to get making. Plus I am able to work in the evenings after Jude has gone to bed now, I have managed to find the energy from somewhere! Jude is still only going up for the night at about 9.30pm, which can be tricky if he’s being fussy and I struggle to eat… But we’ll get there! We’re in a good night time routine now, bath, feed, play, feed, bed. I’m going to try and move bath time earlier so we can move the whole process earlier, but we’ll see what happens! 

A brilliant couple of weeks. Our boy is becoming an amazing little human and I can’t wait for the next 2 weeks and beyond! 



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  1. jackie says:

    As usual, a great read. Thanks. Love to you all xxx


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