Keep rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ rollin’, huh

I decided to write bi-weekly as I was finding that Sundays were coming around way too quickly and I simply couldn’t find the time to write. Plus, there’s less to write about anyway…… No. No I was wrong! So apologies if this post is slightly looooong.

We finally put Jude in the crib to sleep.  We have had it for months, yet Jude has been happy in the Moses basket so we’ve just kind of left him in there….. Until last night. Last night we (I) manned up and put him in the crib. He had fallen asleep on me anyway downstairs (tut tut) so we were able to just sneak him in. And he didn’t wake up! Well, not at first anyway, but when he did, he did so for 2 hours, which is unusual for him, but he went back down eventually. So we’ll carry on tonight again! Wish us luck! 

The last 2 weeks I feel as if Jude is growing so quickly. He’s like a real person now; he giggles and responds to us every time. He also has humongous tantrums when he’s home alone with me and doesn’t when daddy is home. It gets to the point that I laugh at him now. He’s such a drama queen! It’s instantaneous and ridiculous hysterics for no apparent reason whatsoever. Hilarious! I have no idea where he gets it from. Honest. 

He’s been grabbing things for a while, but it’s only been the last fortnight where he actually holds on when you pick him up. Particularly grabbing at hair. And also skin. I have had my first face bruise from him grabbing my face. It just highlights my loose skin! Which is amazing for my post partum body confidence as you can imagine! Oh yes and when he’s feeding as he grabs my boob skin which is now remarkably grabbable. Thanks mate. Thanks. 


 Breastfeeding update

While we’re on the subject of boobs, I thought I’d update you on our breastfeeding situation. Well, firstly any worries I had about switching between bottle and boob are now non existent. When we went away a few weeks ago Jude had ten bottles of expressed milk in a row and came back to me perfectly easily, no problems whatsoever. My own transition however, wasn’t so easy! Those of you who have breastfed will know the utter torturous pain of not being able to feed your baby as you are away from them. Having solid rocks for boobs and having to express to rectify the situation. Well, that happened. Oh, and expressing on public transport. In London. 

Another thing that happened regarding breastfeeding this week was something that I’m hoping every breastfeeding mother experiences at some point, and that’s the worry about when to feed after drinking. Obviously I know that I should express after drinking before feeding again (although there has also been research that says alcohol is not passed into breast milk at all). But it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

 I drank the other evening. Unit-wise I didn’t drink much. I had to look after Jude when we got home and I was definitely sober enough to do that as normal. But I drank wheat beer (German Oktoberfest beer festival), which made me feel quite headachy the next day. I expressed a few times, drank lots of water and fed Jude. But he seemed to get a bit of an upset tummy later that day and I can’t help but think it might have been because of me and the beer. It was an upset tummy accompanied with excruciating crying which seemed as though he was in lots of pain, until he was sick and smiley again. God, did I feel guilty!:( 

Finally, one of the worst things about breastfeeding, In fact, I thought by now I wouldn’t have to deal with this, but one of my nipples is in a right state. It’s sore and weepy and looks pretty poorly. The only thing that seems to help is dousing it in Sudocrem and not feeding from it for a while. Which, those of you that have done it will know, isn’t good for milk supply. So I’m struggling at the moment, but Jude seems to be doing fine and other than the odd frustrated wail from time to time, generally we don’t have any problems. It’s crazy that we could be almost 4 months in, Jude is feeding brilliantly and there are still basic things such as poorly nips to deal with. Boo. 


Growing, growing, gone


Jude loves his babygym. In fact, I noticed the other day that he plays much better when left alone. It’s like he’s more inquisitive. I took a really long sneaky video of him the other day just playing and grabbing it with both his hands and feet. He deliberately lifted his feet to hold one of the toys between his feet. Amazing! He seems to have grown up a ridiculous amount in the last 2 weeks; although he can be more dramatic strop-wise, he will also play alone for longer periods. He will stare and figure things out about the things around him. Lush! Waaaay too many videos have been taken this week. I’m running low on memory. Oh, and we almost have a roller! Hence the videos……


Dragon’s Den

Since receiving a sewing machine from my mum for Christmas last year, I have become rather handy with it. In fact, I began making trousers and bibs for Jude, got a lot of positive comments, and have now decided to try and sell some! (I know some of you will think I’m crazy!). This means that I am now facing the very real struggle of the trade off between maintaining personal care (plucking eyebrows, washing hair etc),  washing dishes/cleaning the house/doing washing and sewing for orders I have received, during any ‘spare’ time I am gifted by my darling boy. 

So, if any of you like the look of the leggings in the picture above, pop along to my Facebook page, Up Children’s and get your order in! 

Hope you’ve enjoyed this week, sometimes I feel as if the writing is pretty boring…. My mojo is fading! 

See you in a fortnight! Ciao X 


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  1. jackie says:

    I thought you might tire of writing (before I was of reading) your blog, but I’m sure every two weeks will keep me informed nicely. As usual I enjoyed learning about your (both) progress. Hope your new venture goes well-you’ve certainly got the flair for it. lots of love.

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