Travel, teeth, time. 

Going away 
This week was the week we went away and left Jude with my parents. The week we’ve been planning for months. Little by little we left Jude for longer and longer, starting with 2.5 hours on a Thursday evening and building gradually until this weekend when we left him for a grand total of 29 hours and 15 minutes. Steve and I went away for his birthday; to watch the England Wales World Cup game in London and to visit my friend Lucy for her birthday in Brighton. Exciting stuff! Exciting enough in fact, that I was much better at leaving him than I have been before. I only properly complained and  felt sad on the way home, when I just wanted to teleport myself! I couldn’t get home quick enough! He smelled SO baby-like again! I guess you don’t notice it when you’re with him all the time..?


Things they don’t tell you

  1. Your baby WILL be ill/needy/grizzly in the morning of the day you are leaving him/her to go away overnight. 

So, Saturday morning rolled around and I woke with a start having heard a strange noise coming from the Moses basket. (Yep, we still haven’t put him in the crib!) it sounded a little like Jude was struggling to breathe… I immediately jumped up and peered over the edge of the basket only to find our little one coughing and spluttering and generally seeming stuffy and ill. Bummer. Over the course of the morning he was pretty needy and wanted our attention most of the time (which was really convenient being as we had to pack and be out of the house on a deadline!). 

Next for the awful part. Do we or don’t we leave him? He wasn’t actually exhibiting signs of being really ill   by the time we took him to my parents, he was just a bit grizzly. In fact, by the time we got there he was pretty happy and smiley, like our usual little boy. But he was clearly not quite right, which made it feel quite horrible of us to leave him.  

But we did. And we had a brilliant weekend. And Jude was fine with my parents. And it was only 29 hours and 15 minutes. 



 I finally very nearly finished the baby gym I’ve been building. It all began with the patchwork quilt I sewed whilst pregnant and it’s now got the tipi-style frame above it. Now to add a few more dangly toys and we’re away. Jude loves it!

His coordination is coming on leaps and bounds now. He’s holding things, putting things in his mouth, raising his legs to kick things above him and gripping. Everything. I’ve even thought about getting a haircut. A very short haircut.      


Jude had his second set of injections last week and I had to take him by myself. He was brilliant. Even afterwards, he wanted to cuddle and sleep and was fab! I noticed that the last time, when I wasn’t holding him, I looked at the injection ‘going in’. Whereas this time, as I was holding him, I looked at his face and it was so sad! He calmed down in between each vaccine which made it worse as I watched his face get sad, then calm down, then get sad again. Three times! Bless him. What a star. 


It seems as though our little one may be teething. Hence the snuffles and neediness. On top of snuffles and neediness there is chewing and dribbling. Lots and lots of dribbling. He likes to chew his hand, or sleeve, or our hands. So we’re trying to encourage him to chew Sophie la Giraffe instead. (Thank you Sarah!) At the moment the only part he can chew is her bum. (Not Sarah’s, Sophie’s). And we have to hold it for him. But we’ll get there! 

As for the neediness, Jude literally won’t be put down. Ok, that’s not true. He will play on the playmat/baby gym and he will go in the bouncer. For a short time, if we’re lucky. However, when he is upset there seems like there is almost nothing we can do to soothe him. It’s heartbreaking! 

I have even been doing night feeds again, which we haven’t been doing for the last month or so. It has lead to me bringing back the old phrase: “This too, shall pass.” 

Anyway, it’s flattering to be wanted for cwtches all the time (!).


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