Waaaales Waaaales Waaaales! 

 Having a purpose 
This week has been the week that has truly highlighted to me that I don’t have a job and I have begun to realise that I’m the sort of person that needs something to do. I know that looking after a a baby is a full time job, which I love very much. But I need something else in my life. I need another purpose. I DONT WANT TO GO BACK TO WORK. Not yet anyway, but I do need something to do when I’m stuck in the house too skint to go anywhere on maternity pay. Turns out that that activity is making clothes for Jude. Well, trousers to be precise. 

I’m not keen on a lot of the trousers for boys available in the shops and we had bought a few pairs of legging-style ones from H&M that I really liked, but they just weren’t enough. So I figured they’d probably be relatively simple to make. So I did. So far Jude has 4 pairs including one reversible pair (that I wont be making again- way too much effort for not a lot extra!) plus matching reversible dribble bibs to go with each. I’ve also already received an order from a friend for a few sets!

Those of you that know me well, will know that I literally have a different ‘Masterplan’ every other day. These can range from owning a pub, to moving to France to run a b&b, selling jewellery, up cycling furniture, painting children’s canvases, and so on and so forth. Nothing  ever comes of my ideas (big ‘ahhhhhhhhhhhh’!), but I’m extremely keen to work for myself one day. Now, I don’t think by any stretch of the imagination that I could live off leggings, but it’s nice that people seem interested in them and willing to pay for them! Makes a nice change from anything else I’ve done!  So, if anyone would like me to make them any, please do get in touch!! 


 The Rugby World Cup has begun 

Steve and I fell in love over flirtatious rugby ‘banter’……..

Ok, that’s not strictly true, but the night we met involved a lot of England-Wales rugby chat and me abusing him about his choice of England Rugby jacket. As far as I remember anyway. 

Either way, rugby is a big thing in our house. Being Welsh, it’s in my blood, and Steve is unfortunately an England fan. But I suppose that’s better than him being a football fan(!).

The Rugby World Cup is the perfect opportunity for us to dress Jude up in our respective country’s baby grows and take bazillions of photos of him. It’s been great fun! Not only that, but he even likes to watch it! Clearly, this is due to the contrasting and moving colours on the TV screen, but it’s great, because he’s the perfect age to be dressed up in the colours to look incredibly cute and popped in front of the TV to be happily entertained for a while whilst we indulge in what we love to watch! If he was even a few months older, he definitely wouldn’t be as easy to look after whilst watching tv at the same time. I’d like to say it was planned……;) 

No, no it wasn’t, honest. 

Oh, and one more thing: Jude pooed all over his white England baby grow. And I mean everywhere. LOL. 
And then he threw up on the red away kit too.



Our little dude is 12 weeks old now. Not quite 3 months, but he is almost a quarter of a year old. Unbelievable. He’s changed so much so quickly recently. It’s even more noticeable because our friends had a baby 2 weeks ago and she is tiny. And such a baby! Jude just seems so much older, yet this point is only 10 weeks away for our friends. The human race is amazing. 

Jude now chats to us (gobbledygook obviously, but it’s chatting, not crying), he smiles and almost laughs with us, holds things and waves them around, recognises his Nanny and Grampy and definitely knows who his Mammy and Daddy are! He ‘reads’ books and plays with the Lamaze toys he has been given (Lamaze are amaze by the way). He cuddles his muslin and soft toys, he will hold on when he’s being picked up, he prefers to be facing outward to look around when he’s being held, unless he’s really upset, then he will actually cuddle and nuzzle into your neck when you pick him up.  It’s unbelievable. And the only way is up. He’s just going to get more and more amazing everyday now. I’m literally taking about 100 photos and videos a day. And that isn’t exaggerated. 

He’s amazing…… My heart bursts for him on a regular basis.


Bedtime routine update

Because Jude is so active, he is now napping more during the daytime and falling asleep ‘for the night’ earlier than he used to. So we have managed to bring in a sort of routine, which we will keep working on. We’re also  trying to encourage him to nap in his Moses basket instead of downstairs. This will get him used to being in a room on his own, ready for when he moves into his cot in his room. We put the baby monitor on and so far he’s managed naps that total about 10 mins before crying and not settling back down. We’ll keep trying! 


 Dw i’n caru Cymru 

Jude and I visited my brother Will and his girlfriend Lucy in their new flat in Bath this weekend. We went to watch the Wales game actually; my parents were going to the game and Steve was working so we popped over the bridge and had a lovely afternoon with them. On the way home,  we were crossing the bridge to come home and the traffic started becoming busier as people left Cardiff following games in the Millenium Stadium. Michael Ball introduced the song ‘Myfanwy‘ on the radio. It was sung by Rhydian Roberts and Bryn Terfel and was the epitome of Welshness. Click on the link and have a listen and you’ll get the idea. 

 I actually got a bit tearful. Watching the traffic queuing to leave Cardiff and Wales, whilst I drove our sleeping little boy back to our home, in the twilight, with gorgeous male voices playing on the radio. Wow. So glad he will be living here and he will get the chance to be a part of the Welsh community. I know other places in the UK and the world will have that too, but I’m just glad we’re here and he’s here with us. There’s nothing like being Welsh. 



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