Busy bee

September sand 
Jude has been a very busy boy this week; we visited Steve’s family in Cornwall for the first time since Jude was born and he met 5 cousins, 2 aunties, 2 uncles and his first dog! 

He seemed to have developed a phobia of his car seat. Every time he went in the seat and was strapped into the car there was total hysteria. So much so that during a journey to Bath last week his crying and screaming went on for almost 15 minutes until we were about to pull off the motorway to soothe him and he suddenly stopped from sheer exhaustion. Horrific. The car used to send him to sleep, but all of a sudden he HATES it. 

Strangely, his journey to Cornwall was good. First of all, he slept all the way. But there was virtually no upset; or at least it was very short-lived. He was on the front passenger seat (with the airbag off of course!), and Steve was in the back behind the passenger seat, so Jude could see him. Poor old Steve has sat in the front only once since Jude’s arrival 11 weeks ago! Sometimes Jude goes in the back with daddy, but as he’d been so appallingly upset the last few car journeys, it seemed wise to try something different. So, as I said the journey was relaxed and great. And every journey since has been the same; a slight bit of upset at the beginning, but he is soon to settle and it seems as though it is because he can see someone and feels happier. When he’s facing the back of the back seat, that’s when it’s awful. I think we need to invest in one of those mirrors/activity boards that goes over the seat in front of him to see if that’ll work and to stop Steve being banished to the back seat for all eternity! 
We also introduced Jude to his first sandy beach, which was lush… we stopped off at Perranporth on our way to see Steve’s family as the sun was shining. We popped him in the Babybjorn (convenient!), and wandered to the bar-on-the-beach, The Watering Hole. By this point he was dying for a feed, so one extremely loud nappy change later and we got a drink and he had a feed overlooking the Cornish Sea -heaven! We also made the most of the sensory experience and put his feet in the sand. He seemed to enjoy it and gave a very excitable giggle. Lush! 

We stayed with Steve’s mum for two nights and Jude was amazing. Considering he had endured (slept through) a four hour car journey and met a whole host of new people who all wanted cuddles (obviously!), he was brilliant. He settled in bed after a little grizzle as he was in an unfamiliar room on the first night, but slept through until 8 with a short feed at 4. BOOM. 

Jude was very popular with his cousins (well, the girls anyway!) and I’m sure he can’t wait until the next visit! 


 Babies and doggies

This gorgeous girl was the aforementioned dog that Jude met on our visit to Cornwall. I’m fully aware that ‘babies and dogs’ is quite a controversial topic and feel I have to mention it here and give my opinion. Sparkles is an almost-4-year-old Rottweiler, named as such as she was born on New Year’s Eve and she is just lush. I know that many people will gasp at the thought of a dog meeting a baby, and in particular a Rottweiler, but I honestly believe that a) a dog’s personality is highly dependent on its owner and how it has been raised. And b) you shouldn’t leave any animal alone with a baby. Or a toddler for that matter. Animals can be unpredictable. As can human beings. There are plenty of adults that shouldn’t be left alone with children, in fact we hear about those cases more than we hear about dogs attacking babies! I just think that as I have said, don’t leave a baby alone with any animal. If a baby cries or pulls it’s tail or pokes it, whatever animal it is, chances are it will react. No matter how much you trust it. And no matter what the breed is. A dangerous dog is classed as such if someone is afraid of it. So as someone explained to me earlier this week, if someone has had a bad experience with a chihuahua, they may be afraid of them. They could then report that dog as dangerous. Crazy! 

Anyway, Jude met Sparkles and Sparkles met Jude; even gave him a little kiss!

Cat situation: By the time we brought Jude home from hospital we had had his Moses basket and cot set up for weeks and neither of our 2 cats would go in either. However. I woke up the other night to feed Jude and found one of the cats with her front paws in the Moses basket! We’ll never know if she was just en route to the windowsill above the basket, as I removed her and shut her out of the room! Poor cat…. I feel they are getting less attention since Jude has come home. I also feel that we have been sensible in the way we have introduced them to him. They will now come and sit with us when we’re feeding, but they don’t sit on him or next to him at all. I still won’t leave him in a room with them for longer than a few seconds (for example, while I pop downstairs to get something). You just never know. 



As I’ve said before, in a few weeks we are going away overnight and my parents will be having Jude overnight. So having left him for 2 short evenings (less than 3 hours), it was time for a practice run overnight at Nanny and Grampy’s. 

As I said before about the car seat thing, he got upset on our way over which didn’t help my upset at leaving him. He was brill and calmed down as soon as we arrived, which made it easier to leave him. I however, was not ok… I cried! I don’t even know why! Maybe it was the guilt? Maybe it was fear of something bad happening to him? Maybe it was just total exhaustion and elation at the thought of having a night off?! 

So we went home and slept all night, unbroken and glorious……….

No, no we didn’t. That would have been the sensible thing to do. We went and got drunk. We got drunk, got pizza and fried chicken en route home at about midnight and woke up at 4am on the couch having passed out from the combination of alcohol, bad food and utter exhaustion.  We then moved upstairs to continue sleeping, but not before I spent over half an hour expressing from my rock solid, engorged boobs. Ouch. Those of you who have breastfed and managed to have a social life also will remember that if you don’t feed, your milk has nowhere to go, so it just fills up and fills up. Until you have 2 rock solid spheres stuck to your front. Literally like unripe melons. And it hurts! So I had to express at 4 o’clock in the morning to rectify the situation.

We woke up again at 9ish, which considering we were knackered was pretty early. But all the worry about Jude had evaporated. Sure, I missed him like crazy and it was really weird waking up and him not being there grinning up at us, but I was totally comfortable that my parents would have done a stonking job at looking after him for us. I had also been sent some photos of our happy and sleeping boy, so felt good. 

I won’t go on about it too much, but I have no idea what I was like before Jude arrived in our lives. I struggled to have conversations about anything other than him. And when I awoke the next day, our lovely night out; drinking, gross food and fun, seemed so insignificant and pointless compared to sitting in the house cwtching our boy. The weirdest feeling. Life has truly changed forever. 


 Bedtime routine update

Last week I said I’d update you on how the introduction of a bedtime routine has gone. Well….. it hasn’t. As I have explained over the course of the blog, we haven’t been at home much over the last week so it’s been quite impossible to implement any routine. We will try again this week and I’ll update again next time.


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