Planking, projects and puking. 

The aftermath continues


The females amongst you will understand this photo. In fact, the males with long hair amongst you (I’m sure there are dozens of you long-haired males that read this) will also understand. I thought I’d got away with not losing my hair by the handful. I mean, I’d lasted 9 weeks! But no, sure enough, this week it’s been coming out in clumps. Dammit. Actually, for me it’s not that I will look like I have less hair; I have enough hair to donate 90% to a wig making charity and still look normal, but it’s the sheer inconvenience of it. The gross strands that get all over your body in the shower; under your armpits?! And the way that you have to ‘deal with’ the plughole. Eugh. Luckily(?) we have one of those catchy-hair things that goes over the plughole so nothing will go down it and block it up, but it’s still a vile and inglorious task to have to pick out the hair clumps at the end of every shower. Boo to hairloss. 

I have started to plank. This is not as rude as it sounds. It’s basically like starting to do a press up on your elbows instead of your hands and holding it. It’s supposed to be good for your ‘core’. Actually, I’ve been planking for over a month now; I started in a desperate attempt to do something about my post-pregnancy tummy. Planking is great because it is literally a few seconds out of my day. Even if Jude starts crying I can leave him to cry for another 30 seconds or so until I go to him and it’s not the end of the world AND I’ve done my plank for the day! And it’s working!  I know that my uterus is still contracting as I’m breastfeeding, but I’m sure that planking is helping too, my tummy looks better from the front view and the side view! So I’ll keep going, and when I’m happy I’ll show you the results…


 My new venture: Stella and Dot

Over the last few weeks I have been getting involved in a new venture/mini project. I decided that, over the course of my maternity leave (and beyond if I succeed) I will be working as a Stella & Dot Stylist. This means that I will be attending people’s Trunk Shows, where I will set up a stand which shows off some of the fabulous jewellery, bags and scarves that Stella & Dot make. It is then up to the guests to order anything they like from the ‘Look books’ (catalogues), or things they have tried on. The host/hostess gets gifts and discounts for hosting and everyone has a giggle whilst playing with new, gorgeous jewellery! 

I decided to start as a Stella & Dot stylist as I stumbled across and old friend’s Facebook page and she happened to be doing it. I went onto the website and the jewellery looked lush, just the sort of stuff I like to wear. It would be easy to sell! I figured that if worst comes to worst, I’d get some lovely jewellery to wear whilst I’m on maternity leave and can’t afford it anyway (!). It would be a fun venture which hopefully will earn me a little money to top up my maternity pay. There are no dictated hours, I work as hard as I want which is ideal having Jude as I won’t always want to make the effort! So, head over to my website (shameless plug!) and have a look! 


Growing pains

 Our big boy is now in the next nappy size up! We have bought a pack (they come in bigger packs than the newborn size) and I’ve used one on him. Once. It was good, a little big even. And for now he’s back in the smaller nappies until we run out. They’re not too tight, obviously you can do the tabs up less tightly so they don’t hurt him. I’m completely in denial that he’s getting bigger and growing up. He’s still not slept in the lovely swinging crib that we bought for him! He’s still a baby, how can he be too big for stuff??

So, as he’s undeniably growing up we have discussed that perhaps it’s time to start a loose routine in the evenings. You know; bath, feed, bed – that type of thing. At the moment his evening routine consists of feed, feed, feed, sleep on mummy or daddy, (sometimes feed again), bed. Which is fine, it works for us at the moment, Jude sleeps between 5 and 8 hours in a row every night and we usually get up to 7 hours sleep a night! However, it seems as though we could start having some evenings downstairs together whilst he’s upstairs sleeping. Baby monitor on, of course! 

I had a rather stressful afternoon earlier this week. I had decided that it was time for Jude to be put down for an afternoon nap. This way he would stay awake until 10-11ish and sleep until 7ish. So, it came to about 3 o’clock and I began to cuddle and rock him following his feed, hoping that he would drop off. Truth be told I was exhausted and could have done with a nap too. But he didn’t fall asleep. So I thought a drive might help. He sat in his car seat and happily looked out of the window whilst I drove around Cardiff to places I’d never been (just for a change) for a good 30-40 minutes. He didn’t fall asleep. When we got home from our drive I transferred him into his buggy and we went for a walk to see if he would drop off. He didn’t fall asleep. By this point it was getting onto 5.30, I had been trying to get him to sleep for 2 and a half hours. If he went to sleep now I’d end up awake until the middle of the night. There was nothing for it but to keep him awake until bedtime. I had absolutely no problem doing this! He just doesn’t seem to sleep much during the day! In all honesty, if he will still sleep for up to 7 hours during the night, why force him to take a nap during the day just because ‘that’s what babies do’? That’s what they are supposed to do. Well, our boy isn’t going to do it, not yet anyway, so I’m not going to stress about the daytime nap. 

However, I do think the nighttime routine would be a good thing. We don’t want to set ourselves up to never have evenings to ourselves so he may as well get used to going up to bed without us. He is 10 weeks old today, so we’ll start bringing in the routine and I’ll update you next week. 


Breastfeeding update


note the gorgeous Stella&Dot Element necklace*

Last week I mentioned feeding in the back of the car. Well, earlier this week I went out with some of my antenatal friends. After a lovely afternoon we went our separate ways and I headed home. During rush hour. Jude used to quite like the car and his car seat but recently he seems to have gone off it a bit. This was one if those journeys. Usually he’s alright when the car is moving (as, I imagine, most babies are), but due to it being rush hour the car wasn’t moving very much. Cue hysterics. Hysterics that would not stop. At all. 

It was excruciating. So in the end I pulled over, climbed into the back seat and fed him in order to soothe him so I could endure the rest of the journey! 

While we’re on the subject of hysterics, Jude managed them in a really posh restaurant while posh people were having high tea the other day. Bad move taking him there! We didn’t realise it was quite so posh! It’s safe to say we got out of there at the first available opportunity and went for the bar menu instead…! 

And finally, we experienced the ultimate, superduper, most astounding, stupendous, astronomic, projectile, gushing vomit the other day. It was utterly astonishing how much fluid left his body. From his mouth and nose. And it travelled at least 2 metres! How?! How can someone so little produce so much sick?? 

We had already changed him into the ‘spare outfit’ and we had to change him back into the less dirty clothes! 

Absolutely unreal. 

So, I think it’s safe to say he’s still surprising us every single day… A simply amazing child in every possible way:) 


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