A very pooey week.

Poo ‘incident’ #1 (yes, that’s number 1, not hashtag 1 for you youngsters!) 


I can’t remember the last time I encountered dog poo. Since the laws have come in about cleaning up after them you don’t really need to worry too much anymore. So you can imagine my horror when, just as I and everything in my life needs to be ultra sterile due to having a little, brand new baby, some MORON fails to clean up after their dog. Queue 20 minutes spent cleaning my shoe and the buggy wheel before being able to put it in the car and in my house when I get home. To top it off Jude (who had been napping, waiting for me to clean the buggy) wakes up and starts total hysterics, and those parents amoungst us will know that everything immediately gets 100% more stressful when baby is screaming.

 I had been using wet wipes with nappy bags over my hand to try and keep as clean as possible and luckily I had antibacterial hand sanitiser in the changing bag too. But I still came home and scrubbed my hands until they were red and (hopefully) clean again. Poor baby managed to fall back asleep once I started driving, but it just added to the stress of the situation. Pissed off doesn’t come close. 


Poo ‘incident’ #2


Jude had his 8 week vaccinations this week. Steve and I both went with him and Steve held him whilst the nurse firstly gave him the Rotavirus part by mouth then his injections; one in each thigh. We knew he was likely to cry as he had to have his blood glucose tested when he was first born and he screamed every time the nurse even touched his foot, let alone pricked it with a little pin-type device to get blood from his heel. 

So we expected tears. And sure enough there were tears. In fact, he went from ‘interested and pensive’ to ‘my world is over’ in 1.78 seconds flat. But daddy held him whilst he was vaccinated (making him the bad guy), and I then cwtched him afterwards (making me the good guy) and he calmed down pretty much immediately, which was good. I then gave him a quick feed and we left feeling pretty pleased with Jude and ourselves. 

Once we got home, Jude just seemed to want to be cuddled, so that’s what we did. Then I thought it would be a good idea to put him in his ‘comfy’ wrap sling, as it was likely he would be a bit grizzly for most of the evening and it would enable me to do things and eat etc… So the sling went on and Jude went in, and he stayed there happily and fell asleep for a while. 

Then the biggest poo we’ve had so far happened. It happened all up his back and all down his leg. It happened all through his baby grow and all through 3 layers of sling…. Wow. 

Then we were faced with the decision of how to remove his baby grow without smearing poo all over the rest of him. I think it’s safe to say I wasn’t very successful. So we simply stayed calm and bathed him and all was great again in the world. 

And he was soooo much happier having expelled all of that poorly tummy pain out of his little body! 


Poo ‘incident’ #3

This ‘incident’ is less of an actual incident and more of an unfortunate fact of life now that Jude is here. We talk about poo too much. Perhaps this is ironically highlighted by this blog post(?), but I believe this will unfortunately be a permanent fixture in our conversation for the foreseeable. 

This was particularly obvious earlier this week when we had some friends over for a barbecue. The friends in question are not parents and we used to spend hours on end drunkenly chatting and partying together bJ. But come on, it’s only a barbecue, it can’t be that difficult ey?! Wrong. Although it was LOVELY to see them, the evening was (in my opinion) somewhat awkward. Jude was on great form for the first hour or so after our guests’ arrival (yessssss!!), but he soon needed a feed and his neediness didn’t really disappear. I’m using the reason/excuse that it was the day after his vaccinations, so he still needed lots of love. 

This meant that I was somewhat distracted from our guests and Steve was cooking/preparing food, so generally we weren’t great hosts. On top of this I couldn’t help but notice just how child orientated our conversation had become. And particularly poo orientated. Our guests were male, so it seemed quite acceptable to talk poo whilst eating (because boys love talking about poo, obvs). But it was a far cry from our usual, funny and interesting chit chat from days gone by. In fact, I struggle to remember what we even talked about before Jude arrived! I’m sure we were quite interesting people; we used to read and enjoy music, cook real food, go to festivals and all sorts! So I’d like to take this opportunity to publicly apologise to our friends who came over, other friends that have to put up with our new-found baby talk, and also to one of my besties who lives in London; Josie, we don’t see each other very often, and I apologise for just talking ‘baby’ when we chat! I’ll grow out of it (or you’ll grow into it) one day! 


Poo ‘incident’ #4


You can tell a lot about your baby by looking at his/her poo. And Jude is no exception. Just this morning I changed his nappy and there was a greeny, mucusy-looking poo in there. I (obviously) immediately Googled it and discovered that this can be a sign of a virus or infection. Minutes before we had been playing and having a chuckle together on his changing mat (one of his favourite places to hang out) and he was clearly in good spirits. I’m pretty sure I’ll know if he’s ill and he’s obviously not ill right now. I assumed it was just a result of his immunisations the other day. I double checked with the 2 experts in my life; my mum (pharmacist) and my auntie (retired health visitor), and they confirmed my suspicions. So I’ll keep an eye on him and if his mood/temperature changes I’ll follow it up. I think we new mummies and daddies need to to trust our instincts and all will be fine! 


Oh yeah, there was also some non-pooey stuff that happened

My newest breastfeeding ‘thing’ is feeding in the back of the car. Jude has become really good at letting us know when he’s hungry a little while before he needs to cry to tell us. So as long as we pay attention to him, we can avoid him getting upset and have a happy baby the majority of the time. So this has resulted in my feeding him when we’re out and about whether we’re in a suitable place or not. One example of a ‘car feed’ was post-supermarket ‘big shop’ where there really wasn’t a suitable place to feed in the shop itself. It’s good, I’ve even changed his nappy on the back seat a few times too! Getting right into the swing of ‘out and about’ Motherhood!

I took Jude to baby clinic for the first time this week and he was a bloody legend. After talking in last week’s blog about wanting him to ‘perform’ when he meets new people, he waited patiently in the waiting room and grinned and giggled throughout his undressing, weighing, head and length measuring. What a star! Of all the places it would have been ok if he had cried and he behaved impeccably! Typical! 

And finally, Jude’s neck is getting stronger and stronger and he’s holding his head up a lot of the time now. It has a bit of a wobble, particularly when he’s tired. The other day I realised just who he reminded me of: a Thunderbird. Or David Gray. The head wobble is hilarious, particularly when you liken him to Brains. Our boy is getting bigger and stronger and more entertaining by the day!  


3 Comments Add yours

  1. jackie says:

    Hi to you three. Greetings from the sea (Jesolo). As usual a great read, so explicit I’m sure I can smell the poo from here.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Chris says:

      Lovely! And healthy to talk about poo at all ages!
      New parents always talk about their babies
      All parents talk about their kids all the time- but manage to talk about other stuff sometimes
      Old parents talk about their adult kids
      Babies are not needy
      You two are doing a great job-friends will understand.


  2. CallMeMom says:

    Love it. My son had a poo-splosion while he was cuddling with his dad last night. Poo all over the sheets…


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