A Grand Day Out

“Night feeder, night feederrrr….”

Last night I deliberately breastfed Jude until almost bedtime so that he couldn’t have a bottle before bed and I would have to get up in the night to feed him. How crazy is that?!

We’ve recently been giving him a bottle of expressed milk before bed and he’s been lasting though the night (and I mean 6-7 hours). Amazing! We think it’s because he’s taking more milk and not falling asleep like he often does at nighttime on the boob. 

But last night I purposefully made it so that he would wake in the night because I missed the night feeds.  (And I’m secretly worried that he’ll prefer the bottle to me). Let me tell you that I definitely regretted it this morning! I will be doing it again as when Steve is in work in the evenings I feed him entirely myself, but we now seem to have quite a nice routine when Steve is home in the evenings whereby he gives Jude a bottle of expressed milk before bed and the little superstar will then sleep for up to 7 hours. Yippee! 

I can finally not worry about Me vs The Bottle (although I still do a bit!). Oh yes, and the bottles in question are the ‘easy’ ones. We gave up on the difficult ‘breast-bottle-breast’ one as it was just WAY too stressful for all involved. 

Date night

chin chin!
Giving Jude an expressed bottle from time to time means that we were able to go out on our for an evening without him. My parents came to our house and we went out for a few hours. We managed a meal, a walk,  an alternative dessert venue and a nice, rounded 2 bottles of wine. That’s a bottle each. Now, there was a time when that amount of alcohol wouldn’t have touched the sides. However, 11 months of drinking only very small amounts at any one time meant that I felt all giggly and ‘free’. Steve and I went for sushi, which is something that we used to do bJ. We had chats (mostly about Jude) and I giggled a lot. I think I was in shock. I giggled when they handed Jude to me after a 54 hour labour. So I can see a pattern emerging: Shock = Giggly ridiculous me. I’m very proud that I only phoned my mum once, and that was to let her know we had eaten and were going elsewhere for dessert en route home. Obviously I checked how things were going at the same time, but I wasn’t a ridiculous, worrying mess the whole time (the wine probably had something to do with this). 

Anyway, we returned home to a contented baby and two rather frazzled looking parents. We had left them the Netflix password, but they had barely managed to watch or listen to any normal telly, let alone concentrate on a film! Jude really isn’t a bad/grizzly/difficult baby, but a cycle of ‘feed/ wind/cwtch to sleep’ can truly take 2-3 hours. And we were only out for about that long. So a big THANKYOU to my mum and dad for helping out!

 I immediately switched from being slightly tipsy to stone-cold-sober-mummy in seconds, it was incredible! We had also saved another bottle for his next feed so I expressed before bed and again in the morning to ensure all alcohol was gone (although there has been research that says alcohol doesn’t go into breast milk at all). What harm will a drop do anyway? In the old days brandy was a popular method of getting teething babies to sleep and it never did them any harm! 

So all in all a successful first night out alone which was also good practice for our night away which is happening at the end of September…… Eek! 


the ultimate ‘besties with babies’ picture

One of my oldest friends came to visit and meet Jude this week. She lives 4 hours away from us so this was the first time she was meeting him. And he was not on form. This is something I’m finding is happening more and more; he is such a happy, fun baby so much of the time that if people meet him when he’s not I feel gutted that they didn’t see his true, happy self. 

So I videoed Jude laughing and ‘saying hi to Auntie Lucy’ later in the day after they had left so I could send it to her and prove that he’s “honestly a really happy baby most of the time”. 

Lucy has a little girl that is almost 1, so she knows exactly what babies are like and I shouldn’t have been worried about Jude being grizzly, but we don’t see them very often and I was just gutted he wasn’t feeling happy and fun at that time. Especially as when I’ve met Lucy’s little girl she’s been on form. Crazy how people compare themselves and their babies isn’t it?! But also something I think happens all the time – it’s difficult not to I guess..?

I’m finding that I’m getting worried when I take him out and I know he’s not going to last without a feed. Although I’ve never minded feeding in public, it’s the crying that I’m beginning to get concerned about. It’s so loud! The other day we met a friend and her little one – who is 4 weeks older than Jude – for coffee, and Jude was not in a good mood. He cried in the coffee shop. But he cried so loudly that the bloke sitting next to us doing something on a laptop (working?), moved tables! We hadn’t realised he’d moved until we left as he’d gone nearer the door, but still! I found it quite funny, but is Jude really the kind of baby that makes people move seats?! The bloke had even moved after I had fed him and he had fallen asleep! Do babies really do that to people? 

The lengths he goes to to


Yes, our little one is not so little anymore! He’s gaining weight like you would not believe and seems to be getting longer. Much longer. The other morning he pushed off the bottom of his Moses basket and his head touched the top! I felt he was too small to go in the big cot yet, plus he still needs to be in our room and I wasn’t about to share with another massive piece of furniture, so we invested in a second hand swinging crib. It’s lush! £20 on eBay and it included the waterproof mattress – can’t go wrong! 

He’s not slept in it yet. I put him in it and he cried, so I’m going to wash the fitted sheets we bought in our own, familiar washing powder and hopefully he’ll find it better. We have never had a problem with him disliking where he sleeps (his Moses basket), although hearing others struggling with fussy babies makes me worry; I hope he doesn’t end up disliking his new crib. 

8 weeks old

Almost 2 months old! And sooooo grown up! I re-read my first few blogs the other day and I can’t believe how much has changed. He chats to us a lot now. We can talk to him, wait, then he will reply. It’s lush! Also, I found a great app called Knoala, which has developmental games and things to do with your baby to help develop their fine and gross motor skills, social and emotional development, cognitive and sensory development etc. It just gives ideas of things to do a few times a week, or every day to help develop different areas. Most of the exercises we do already; second nature! But it’s still a great app for checking you’re doing things right! It is appropriate for children up to the age of ‘late preschool’ and I’m sure it will come in handy over the next few years. 

I think Jude might be getting bored of me. Ha! What a stupid thing to say! But it’s true! He finds other people’s faces much more fun than mine! He likes to look at a ‘new’ face. It makes him smile… (I still get lots of smiles, I don’t know what I’m moaning about.) I guess everyone likes new things. I do play with him a lot, perhaps the new baby gym that I intend to make for him will help. I made a patchwork quilt when I was pregnant and I figured I’d make a baby gym to go over the top. He still has the arch of entertainment (see blog ‘Ch ch ch ch changes’) and it is still very much in use, in fact, he can now grab the ring on one of the dangly bits (!), but perhaps something new is the next step…? Watch this space……..


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