Bottles, boobies, babies, bouncers and Babybjorns.

 Bottles and boobies 
Bottles have been the overriding force of the week. And I hate them. In a few weeks time, Steve and I are going away for a night to a birthday party and Jude will be staying with my parents. On the one hand, I can’t wait to spend some time with my man, the way we used to be, bJ. We haven’t had any time since Jude arrived so a night away will be great. On the other hand, the thought of leaving my baby (even with the people I trust most in the world), is scary. Really scary.

So, in order to prepare for ‘the Big Night’, we are doing smaller, getting-used-to-it nights and trying to introduce expressed breastmilk in a bottle. Not only will it mean I can be away from him for longer than 2 hours, but it’s also a great bonding time for Steve; he hasn’t been able to experience the feeding, bonding time that I have. 

The plan was for Steve to give Jude the bottle so that when I had him he would know that he would feed from the breast. I have an irrational fear of him ‘going off’ me and my boobs. Like, a ridiculous fear. So my reaction when it came to actually giving him the special bottle we had purchased so that we could switch from boob to bottle to boob etc was probably to be expected……. 

Firstly, Jude was NOT ok with taking the bottle. So there were hysterical tears for the duration of the ‘battle’ to get him to feed. In hindsight, we should probably have starved him a bit first so he was really hungry when it came to bottle time. I stayed out of the room as we had heard that helped with introducing a bottle. So Jude was inside the bedroom crying and I was outside on the landing listening to him being upset and crying myself. Eventually, after some drama, he decided he would feed from the bottle and the special teet that comes with it (hence the above photo). He took about half of the milk and then the tears started again and so did the distress. 

He was clearly still hungry so he came back to me and fed from me again which calmed him down. 

The shocking thing is how the bottle made me feel. I was so upset – almost jealous. I was jealous of Steve feeding him, jealous of the bottle and felt so sad that I wasn’t feeding him. So when he returned to me I almost felt smug! Like I’d beaten the bottle! I know it’s crazy that it made me feel like that, but I’m putting it out there so if anyone feels like this too you’re not the only strange one!

Aaaanyway, we’ve since tried another 2 times and he still hates them and won’t even try anymore! He will however use another type of bottle – one that is easier to drink from. Which makes me worry even more for when we go away because if he won’t use the difficult one he’ll only use the easy one and in 24 hours that’s a lot of easy bottles and he might go off me during that time! So as you can probably tell I’m still not ok. We’ll persevere with the difficult bottle. I’ll keep you up to date.

Our antenatal class reunion happened this week. It was so lovely to meet all of the new babies and they were all remarkably well behaved! It’s great to talk to other people who are in the same position as us and although Jude is one of the oldest, now all of the babies are getting older and we’re all getting more used to them, we can all help each other out with hints and tips, good purchases, special offers, crying remedies, winding remedies and more! 

Although all babies are different, I think it’s safe to say that most parents will try anything at least once to help keep their baby comfortable!

One important rule of spending time with other new parents: don’t boast too much! In fact, be very aware that other parents could be severely lacking in sleep and even the smallest, most flippant comment about how wonderfully your darling behaves in the nights (or mornings or afternoons for that matter), could touch a nerve!

Bouncers and Babybjorns


Jude finally likes his bouncer! So, speaking of things that help out with grizzly babies we can finally use his bouncer to calm him. Jude’s Nanny bought it for him when he was very new (2 weeks I think), and it’s taken 5 weeks for him to get used to it, but it finally works! Another prop for enabling washing up, hanging out washing, cooking, eating, going to the loo and generally getting things done! 

Another fabulous invention for enabling the above is a sling. We bought a wrap one that was recommended by a friend before Jude was born and he used it from 2 days old. I particularly found it useful for soothing him when he was really upset in the early days. Since about 4/5 weeks though he tends to get more upset being put in it, before he gets calm and usually falls asleep. Although this is fine; eventually he calms down as intended, the looks I get from non-sling-wearing strangers (who clearly think I’m abusing him in some way by putting him in it whilst I’m tangling myself in a 3 metre long piece of stretchy fabric that is being wafted and blown about in the wind we seem to have had so much of lately), are terrifying! So, I thought I’d invest in a Babybjorn carrier. Don’t get me wrong, I fully intend to purchase a woven wrap style sling as soon as I can afford one(!), but good old eBay came to the rescue and now Steve can pop Jude in it whenever necessary instead of needing me to help with the sling and I can use it quickly and easily. 

I also heard that baby wearing is great for weightloss, and whilst I was extremely pleased with my initial weightloss of 2 stone in the immediate weeks after Jude was born, I still have another 2 to go before I’m back to pre-pregnancy weight (and even that was heavier than I prefer to be!). 

I’m not dieting as I’m breastfeeding, but I am eating healthily and I’m going to start swimming in an attempt to shift some of the remaining baby weight. Now that Jude is getting bigger, having him as an accessory isn’t quite enough to make me feel ok about the size I am! My whole body is a new shape! Even if I lose weight I wonder if I’ll be able to fit into some of my pre-pregnancy clothes as I just feel bigger. All over. Hmmmm, we shall see I guess! 

weightloss device

The World Cup warm up games started last week and so far we have managed to put Jude into one Welsh baby grow and one English baby grow. These were the very first items we bought when we found out we were expecting. There’s a big rivalry between me and his dad, me being Welsh and Steve being English. Unfortunately England did better than Wales in their first game, but nevermind, it’s the photos that count this time!

the other fun thing that happened this week

Another good week under our belts. I’m finding myself going through another wave of extreme tiredness again; 7 weeks of 3-5 hours a night is catching up on me I think! But still, the highs far outweigh the lows. Still having fun!


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  1. jackie says:

    Lovely to hear how you’re coping (?**?). Love to you all from the Italians.


    1. judeandus says:

      Loving getting your comments every week:)xxx


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