Public displays of (rather large) assets. 
I breastfed in John Lewis this week. And a local cafe (that sells beer), twice. And the local park. And a not-so-local park. Basically I’m nailing the breastfeeding ‘on the go’ thing.  John Lewis has a special (and labelled) breastfeeding area separated BY A WALL from the bottle-feeding area. They provide chairs and even a water machine for those that need to feed whilst in the store. 

When I first discovered the dedicated breastfeeding area I immediately felt rather angry that they put the breastfeeding area in the furthest corner, away from anyone who might be ‘offended’ by people feeding. In fact, I was angry that there was even a dedicated area for breastfeeding. HOW DARE THEY separate breastfeeding mothers…………………. But actually it was really handy. I mean,  Jude was really upset; I had changed his nappy and he was still upset. He needed feeding, immediately. And it just so happened that I was near the dedicated breastfeeding area. Excellent. 

We are currently in a society where breastfeeding is in the news every other day. And I’m all for it. It’s extremely difficult from time to time, but I really want to continue, for a while at least. So I guess, in a way I’m lucky that I am doing this in a time where breastfeeding mothers are being supported from all angles. It gives me more confidence and although I don’t want to make others feel uncomfortable, I feel confident feeding in public and like I have a right to do so. I do however, want to apologise to a very good male friend of mine. He didn’t want to or need to see them. It’s just tricky to keep them completely covered sometimes! (You know ladies… You know.)

I’ve chosen to breastfeed, but to all you mothers out there that no longer breastfeed, or didn’t want to in the first place, at least you know that John Lewis cater for you too! 
To dummy or not to dummy.

Halfway through last week I experienced my first ‘tears of despair’, as they are now affectionately known.  Jude was so sad. SO sad….. I just couldn’t settle him and I was on my own in the house; Steve was at work. I simply didn’t know what to do to make him feel better. So there was crying. Mine and  Jude’s. Lots of crying. That’s when I decided that it was the dummy that had done this to us. To him. The dummy had ruined his ‘latch’ and he had forgotten how to breastfeed. I was convinced. I was even more convinced when I Googled it and Google confirmed my suspicions; dummies can ruin breastfeeding. 

I immediately text Steve and told him we were no longer going to give Jude the dummy that we had reluctantly begun to give him when he was really upset. That way feeding should go back to normal….

I think it’s safe to say that the ‘no dummy’ rule probably lasted about 36 hours… The thing is, IT WORKS. It makes him settled. ‘Content’. And we have, on the whole, a happy and contented baby 90% of the time. And 90% of the time we don’t use the dummy. It’s just a safety net when it’s 4am and Steve is grabbing 5 hours sleep before his next crazy-long shift at work and really doesn’t need to be woken up.  And guess what? Jude is still successfully breastfeeding and the dummy hasn’t ruined anything. Phew. 

“Erm, Miranda? You got a little doody on your forehead”.

This is me. Well, slightly less snappy and argumentative (Steve may beg to differ), but earlier this week I actually had a ‘Miranda moment’ involving baby sick and my chin. And it made me laugh out loud. I get puked on at least twice a day these days. I can’t wear clothes for longer than about half an hour before they get stained or marked in some way. And I don’t care. In fact, it makes me smile! I love ‘the mummy factor’! 

Jude and I are settling into mummy and baby life quite well now; we even go out in the car together from time to time. I trust no one but myself on the road and am very worried about going on the motorway. We are visiting my grandparents this week and the journey involves motorway driving. I’ll update you next blog! We have also popped into town. I was shocked to notice just how many people were clearly irritated by our presence. As if anyone with a baby should a) stay in the house until the child is able to walk themselves around town or b) go to child-accommodating places only. I felt like I was irritating everyone! I’m guessing this is normal. Either that or I’m paranoid. Whichever way, we’re managing little trips at a time and they seem to be going well so far. S’all good. And screw the haters. 


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  1. jackie says:

    Very entertaining read. So glad you’re coping. Please keep them coming……


    1. jackie says:

      apparently my comment “is awaiting moderation”!


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